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A permanent member Future uAward Account will be created during the registration process.  This will be your Permanent Membership.  Always maintain current registration information and treat it like you would your bank account or social security info, it  could  come to represent your greatest future value. Each member of your family from 18 years old to the eldest should register in their name.  Each new member must have a secure individual email address to register with. Minor’s under 18 years old are registered in their name with a parental/guardian approval.  That  will give them a lifesavings head start  with their parents approval.  Minors will also have access to age appropriate communities.  Even the elderly will be able to benefit, enjoy communities  and leave The Gift of Privilege™, to their grandkids and great grandchildren. Yes, the same gift of privilege that the wealthy pass to their future generations you now will be able to pass to yours.  Remember all FREE members can also earn additional income as Marketing Affiliates. This income could be enormous as it is only limited by individual efforts.  We make no predictions of individual lifetime uAward savings or commission income for individual members as all uAwards savings and commission income is solely determined  by individual spending and marketing activityPlease enter your  registration information  very accurately  after  reading the Terms of Use.  By joining you confirm your reading and acceptance of the Terms of Use and Member Agreement  expressed on our Terms of Use pages.  After clicking below, you will enter our quick signup.


The only Economic Process designed to create wealth… Effortless Wealth… from normal Daily Spending.

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Once our pre-launch goal of five million members is reached we will  launch our  Shop Cost Free™ Credit & Debit Card  to Automatically & Effortlessly Index Spending to Savings

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Email The President Elect & Congress… also the heads of industry directly such as GM, Ford & Chrysler… who will be asking for a bailout too…  Have them support Save All You Spend Economics… If you call, them, email them and mail them enough times… they will listen…

You Can Make It Happen!


Save All You Spend



Save All You Spend


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Save All You SpendLet's greet our troops when they return with a 
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Sign up all the members you wish.  You will earn  lifetime income  from  all purchases of members you sign.  All members remain lifetime associates of their sponsor’s marketing group and will generate unlimited lifetime income for their sponsor as all members also save all they spend.

Text Box: Future Fund amounts will be secured and guaranteed with securities such as US Treasury Bonds and other securities and investments that will be used to secure the return of your Shop Cost Free™ spending and make your uAward funds available once again after their Future Date completing the Cost Free Economics™ transactions.  Your uAward Account is not a bank or savings account or security but instead is the tabulation of your eligible Shop Cost Free Economics™ purchases  to be made available to you as a consumer loyalty award.  This privilege to be monetized on or after your Future Date as uAwards. Tabulated uAward Future Fund amounts will be secured by Bonds and other Securities and investments as tabulated by year per our Cost Free Economics™ patent pending process.  Imagine, lifetime consumer spending converted to Dollar for Dollar Savings™secured by real assets providing real consumer financial security building a perpetually stable national economy.   Full banking & credit card services to consumers through their Future  Fund are planned for  the  near  future as well. 
We totally fund your effortless participation in our no cost hedge funds through your daily consumer spending.
Your enrollment efforts will make it happen sooner then later!  (see our Income, Commission, FAQ’s and Overview  pages)
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Just Keep The Two in Two Pledge,  it's easy... it's simple... it's so meaningfulWe Can Provide The Means For Eveyone To Index All Their Spending To Savings

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