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  The Next Big Idea Is Here!™  See how Warren Buffett proved it works!


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Cost Free Economics™ Discovered… The Next Big Idea Is Here™ 

The Greatest Advance In Economics Since The Dawn Of Commerce

Will Reshape World Economics  And Make Possible

 Real Global Effort Against Global Warming, Oil Dependency and Help Cure

The Financial Crisis


Unleashing  a  Truly  Positive  Disruptive  Technology  That  Perpetually  Fuels  Economic  Growth

As It Helps Eliminates Poverty Down Family Tree Lines Globally and Makes Green Technology Affordable To All


Cost Free Economics™  is best described as Capitalism operating at maximum efficiency. Simply explained, every expenditure a consumer transacts utilizing Cost Free Economics™ will effortlessly increase that consumer’s future savings by a like amount.  Finally an economic process  engineered to fight global warming and reduce oil dependency on a scale as yet unimagined has been discovered.  It opens the door for every consumer to actually be able to enter the effort against global warming in a meaningful way.  Soon every consumer will be able to save all they spend on alternative energy, solar power installs and all manner of green technology.  Even consumers that just want to reduce dependency on present energy and power methods can soon turn their power system conversion spending to dollar for dollar savings. Reflect for a moment on the tremendous positive impact this represents to the consumer, to business and to governments as the world realizes the power of this innovative economic invention.  This is a patent pending proprietary economic discovery designed to continuously encourage and drive increases in  consumer spending as  it increases  consumer  savings by like amounts. It is also the only economic process engineered to help eliminate poverty, reduce outsourcing incentives and reduce product and film/music piracy as it increases economic growth and perpetually reduces the need for government social services. The perpetual benefits to consumers, business, government and a greener earth are enormous… millions of consumers switching to solar or wind power… imagine the possible impact on just our dependency on foreign oil...  No matter the position one takes on the global warming issue… the potential impact of reducing traditional energy needs should not be ignored.  Start planning your future energy conversion needs now.


The immediate question that leaps to the mind after reading the above headlines would be…”Is this possible and if so how?”  The answer is simple...Much the same way that the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett recently funded a single $400 million dollar transaction. Yes, Warren Buffett, the  most successful investor of our time utilized  and applied similar mathematics and financial principle to structure this  substantial  financial transaction for his conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway Inc.  Warren Buffett has proven the mathematics and financial principle sound.   This transaction was widely publicized.  You can read more about it in a Washington Post article by Allan Sloan dated Sunday, April 6, 2003,  A Borrowing Deal Worthy of a Billionaire...Zero-Percent Interest? Warren Buffett Does Better Than That.  It details that we average mortals leap at a chance to borrow for no interest but Warren Buffett got paid to borrow.   The article also points out that the transaction is not only perfectly legal but also not immoral… no slimy like tax-dodging or dubious legality.  In short the math is efficient and the financial principle is secure and proved.  It is an economic reality that innovative financial principle like what  was applied to secure  this huge Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway Inc.,  transaction can also successfully secure the individual Life Savings Future Fund of every consumer.  Yes we can fund the bailouts and excesses of the past through innovative economics…  we can even make paying taxes more acceptable to all by converting even taxes paid to savings. 

As a young man Ronald Coase made an important economic discovery about market behavior which he later in 1937 published, entitled “The Nature of the Firm”.  This discovery was one of only two achievements singled out by the Nobel Committee that awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics to him some  fifty years later.  Ronald Coase had discovered  “transaction costs”.  Transaction costs remain a fundamental economic force in all economic transactions even fueling the outsourcing trend of today’s economies.  Transaction costs, have remained primarily “Tax Elusive” as tax exempt operational costs of doing business.  The internet age has brought about a restructuring of transaction costs to fundamental  building blocks of the Internet Economy…  Google for instance has transformed certain transaction costs to a hybrid income: search, ad & click revenue to affiliate fees and income streams.  This application can be morphed and scaled to individual consumers to capture portions of consumer transaction costs as indexed automatic savings compounded. When awarded back to the consumer on a future award date these funds would no longer be tax elusive transaction costs but instead would become a real component of an individual consumers taxable income and provide a way to effortlessly help fund the high costs of today’s financial bailouts. This is the future of world changing economics where government, business and the consumer can all benefit directly and indirectly from perpetual growth. 

Innovative Economics is the secret weapon of the future.  Economics needs to be upgraded to the New Age.  We need to lead the world with this new economic technology.   We live in a world where innovations in economics will be the new battleground.  Nuclear weapons can not defend against global financial disruption and growing masses of hopeless poorInnovative Economics can really change everything and even fund our bailouts if we apply it.


Now a new economic discovery will step forward, Cost Free Economics™.  This innovation in economics will harness not just transaction costs but all cost in an economic transaction effortlessly to benefit all parties.  The key word, “effortlessly”, is vital.  It is important to note that Cost Free Economics™ requires no transaction actions on the part of the consumer to benefit them. This patent pending economic discovery converts a consumer’s lifetime of spending into a lifetime of savings.  It encourages and fuels increased individual consumer spending as it increases consumer savings in like amounts.  This will truly be recognized as the most innovative and important economic discovery of our time.  It will remain to history to see if it becomes recognized as, “The Greatest Economic Discovery”.


Poverty at home and globally is the greatest threat to civility and our American values of liberty, justice and democracy.  Our freedom and way of life is now under siege. Radical fundamentalism and terrorism can only be truly defeated by eliminating poverty.  Eliminating poverty can only be accomplished with long term perpetual programs targeting all poverty. What is clearly needed is an economic program accessible to all that is not based on charity but is based on identifiable economic rules which are clearly defined, computerized and projected into the future to eliminate lines of poverty along a family tree.  A gift of privilege just like the Kennedy’s, Rockefellers and other wealthy icons structured for their families. Through this project we can now give the poorest child the ability to give the gift of privilege to their future babies and grandchildren just like the wealthy families do…lifting themselves and their future generations from poverty one generation at a time. The economic and social-political impact of this is enormous.  In time this process can literally lift the social burden of poverty off of government!


Imagine Einstein and others with their revolutionary creative theories which in turn led to splitting the atom and hastened the ending of World War II.  We also seek to end today’s global conflicts which if not properly addressed could expand into global disturbances of equal or greater magnitude.  Today’s global conflicts have the potential to become endless as they are fueled by an endless supply of global poverty and despair.  An economic chain reaction with the  power of a nuclear blast in needed to wipe out the poverty breeding grounds and create fertile fields for seeds of liberty and democracy to grow. Creative economic innovation is needed now to battle global poverty, the breeding ground of violent crime at home as well as global terrorism.  Many have already made the ultimate sacrifice at home and abroad in this rapidly unfolding drama and our prayers and eternal gratitude will always be with them.  We all would like to do our part to help deal with these threats and now everyone can.  It is time to step forward to eliminate poverty!  An economic innovation with the impact of a nuclear blast has been developed that systematically eliminates poverty one family tree at a time as it secures the future of our own children.


This new digital age we live in is just the dawn of a new age where global inventories can be developed and created with digital 1’s and 0’s.   Customized and processed then shipped anywhere on the globe in literally seconds.  In this new age originals are indistinguishable from its million’s or even billions of copies. The nano age of the future looms before us.  A new world has developed.  In this new world small companies with innovative ideas such as Google seem to rise up from nowhere to threaten established industry Titan's and in the process become titan’s themselves.  Witness a fledgling Microsoft utilizing innovative economics in its conquest of the consumer desktop at the expense of the then clueless reigning Computer Titian. 


The sudden rise of Google and its nonchalant but methodical expansion across this same desktop real estate does not go unnoticed by the consumer world.  As consumers we cheer on innovation and participate in the market changes with amazement.  One might observe and comment, lessons learned,  However sometimes lessons past do not translate into, “Learned Lessons”.   Today’s battle for the online user is a misnomer… the battle is for the consumer… on and off line.  Everyone realizes they are one and the same.  Discovering ultimate consumer self interest is the holy grail of commerce. 


The bottom line, it is that the economic transaction, the exchange of monies remains the core component of economics.  However, just as IBM missed the point in the first desktop battleground most are missing the point now.  When Mr. Gates proposed his economic innovation, the licensing agreement for an operating system and IBM accepted, the first battle of the desktop was already lost for IBM.  They were defeated by economic innovation.  Mr. Gates with foresight placed Microsoft in the forefront of every consumer transaction that IBM engaged.  IBM was defeated at the start of the battle well before they even recognized they were in one.  It was not superior technology but superior economics that propelled Microsoft to the top.


It is economic innovation and consumer economic self interest that will determine the outcome of future consumer loyalty contests.  The country that applies ultimate consumer value first could well be the economic superpower of tomorrow. Cost Free Economics™ will help determine the outcome of the coming disruptions in the global economy because it changes the economic rules.  By now all the participants have access to the same great technologies of today’s digital age.  The technology playing field has evolved to that point. However, most are still facing off and taking volleys as if their collective technology is unique enough to take on similar and like technology.  This is the economic playing field of yesteryear where economic might had overwhelming advantage.  That was true so long as economic innovation did not change the rules.  However, Cost Free Economics™ changes the rules.  Cost Free Economics™ becomes the great equalizer and superior force.  There is no stopping ultimate consumer value combined with overwhelming consumer self interest as an economic motivator for new consumer acquisition and continued consumer loyalty.  It is inevitable that consumer loyalty will side with the overwhelming force of consumer self-interest.  As early Cost Free™ Consumers start to receive their Cost Free™ benefits and the world becomes aware ...a global gold rush atmosphere will develop that will envelope all other consumer’s.  As a consumer, why choose any other method of commerce?


Innovative economics in the form of Cost Free Economics™ is about to enter the field.  Those who take notice will gain the advantage.… Cost Free Economics™, engineered to deliver the ultimate self interest choice to the consumer as well as to help eliminate poverty one family tree at a time.  All endorsements from individuals public and private as well as well as business leaders are greatly appreciated.  We challenge anyone to provide a better solution to the crisis’s we all face. We have launched our membership drive to reach our target membership goal needed to launch our Credit & Debit Card that will automate Save All You Spend Economics™ for all consumers.  We believe the best way to permanently fix our financial crisis and correct the dismal individual savings rate nationally is to provide a way for consumers to automatically index spending to savings. We will make it effortless, transparent and automatic for the consumer to save all they spend from their normal daily spending… this is ultimate consumer value  married to ultimate consumer self interest creating a natural free market force for perpetual economic growth.  This could be the most advanced method for providing perpetual increases in tax revenues without direct tax increases ever engineered.


Enjoy easy access  through our limitless portal AliasSpace.com to all of our limitless communities for great fun, political growth, entertaining interaction... and above all... to help us deliver Save All You Spend Economics to the world. Socialize and date  for  free on our communities.  Your participation as a member gives you participation in the only free Consumer Hedge Fund that will convert normal daily spending to savings.  It’s FREE, we fund member account savings and uAward future security.  Help us achieve our goal to secure you and your family  and the nation as  together we strive  to help eliminate poverty,  control global warming and better the world…


We have worked hard to deliver a simple but comprehensive solution to the current and coming future financial crisis we and our children will all be faced with. Prove us wrong or join us... We Challenge The World for a Better Solution!

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