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Watergate Scandal, Young Guys In Shades, The untold story of Watergate... and you thought they told you everything!

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Text Box: To help fund the existence of ShopCostFree.com,, “The Greatest  Project of All Time”, we have been assigned the right to bring you this amazing insight into one of Washington’s greatest secrets… While even insiders believed that  the unveiling of Deep Throat would be the final act of the Watergate Drama it proves to be  just an important footnote in a greater international story.  A tale of intrigue  with origins during the horrors of  Hitler’s Nazi  conquest of Eastern Europe and the following oppressions of communism.

The first book of The Watergate Chronicles, a novelized historical six book saga of global political intrigue and action adventure that brings the streets of DC to life as it exposes the untold secrets of Watergate and beyond.  You have heard of Special Op’s, now enter the hidden, confusing world of Penetration Agents and Ghost Op’s.  A world where both the assignments and the players are nonexistent because they are never acknowledged...in the end only the vacant chair and memories remain.  Experience the romance of passion and power.  Revisit the pre 911 world where American newsmen can be ordered executed by a corrupt head of state as Agencies fumble a response and cover up the murders.  State sponsored terrorism becomes a reality.  With the gangs of DC  when the music stops...the whisper killings begin...and you enter the world of our “YOUNG GUYS IN SHADES”.  In this real life deadly game of musical chairs, The Vacant Chair is reserved for the soon to die.  The body count mounts and the streets are painted red with the blood of the players and the innocent as an Imperial Presidency dies.

This series will launch our entertainment and publishing divisions so order as many pre release copies as possible and give them to friends as gifts.  A gift of the pre release certificate we will provide notice advising the book is on the way. This makes a great gift especially when the recipient realizes you have donated for the book  in their name.  This  certificate qualifies them to activate their Future Fund Account at ShopCostFree.com when they register online.

Some Slogans & themes to work From

Enjoy a Lifetime of Spending...Save All You SpendConvert All Your Bills To Savings WealthSpend more now...On what you enjoy today...You'll Need The Money Later!Where A Dollar Spent Is A Dollar Earned!Maximum Consumer Value... The Holy Grail of Commerce Enjoy Your Money Now To Spend It Again
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Below are just a few slogans and themes pulled from our project details pages.  There are many more to choose from that can be an inspiration for viral videos and staged photo shoots.  You can be daring and sexy but be tasteful  and not overt…  this is an open site to all so be family and kid aware.  Always end with a credit to ShopCostFree.com.  Remember, Spread the word… it’s your future and lifetime income you are securing here!


This page will expand with content and helpful hints as we grow so check here often.

Ideas and Video WorkShop

Our workshop Page is where you will find idea’s for creating viral video’s you can create and post on our sites and  also upload to various video site’s like YouTube or any other video outlet.  We have many creative themes and slogan’s that lend themselves to production of interesting viral type videos that you can produce for fun and to help build your member group.  Please make sure to include your link back to our registration page with your attached member ID so when a viewer clicks for more info they can be auto registered into your marketing group.  All registered members of our site are allowed to use our trade marked slogans and themes, just keep the TM notice of Shop Cost Free Corporation.


                                                Below is a short introduction to The Watergate Chronicles.

                          You can play the below video clip by clicking here or on The Watergate picture.  


This project will launch us into film, books and series production.   We believe our approach to media production and distribution  to be the beginning of a great new idea in collaborative media projects.  We hope to develop a studio where independent producers and talent of all type can come together to create and distribute media and film in an open source type of framework.  Media and entertainment provides much good and comfort for many and can become an even bigger agent of good, change and innovation if it is directed to that purpose. These projects will benefit all member participates.


We hope to cast production and actors from our Model Search project and viral video submissions to all of the media productions we develop.  Everything from movies to comedy series to educational documentaries on our new process of economics are planned for our entertainment channels.  Remember we have a Free Wireless Cable Network to build…

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