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Mission statement

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Eliminating Poverty One Family Tree at a Time. 

Eliminate poverty one family tree at a time.

Cost Free Economics™ is the only economic process engineered to eliminate poverty one family tree at a time.  It is engineered so that even the poorest of poor will be able to give The Gift of Privilege™, to their future generations, lifting them from poverty.


This is truly a thoughtful legacy that changes the world forever.   This is made possible by providing the process whereby even the poor can create and pass wealth to their future generations.  Just like the Kennedy’s, Rockefeller’s, Mellon’s and others pass  gifts of privilege for each new family generation. 


Cost Free Economics™  addresses social issues that have plagued mankind since the dawn of civilization and provides a market solution to help correct them.  In time it will reduce to a negligible level the need for governmental expenditure targeting these issues.  The burden of correcting these  conditions will in time be lifted from government.


The means to correct these problems is now made available to every individual, rich, middle class or poor.  Every individual now has the means to take full responsibility for their future generations.  The means and method to secure your future and your future generations rests with you.

















Text Box: Future Fund amounts will be secured and guaranteed with securities such as US Treasury Bonds and other securities and investments that will be used to secure the return of your Shop Cost Free™ spending and make your uAward funds available once again after their Future Date completing the Cost Free Economics™ transactions.  Your uAward Account is not a bank or savings account or security but instead is the tabulation of your eligible Shop Cost Free Economics™ purchases  to be made available to you as a consumer loyalty award.  This privilege to be monetized on or after your Future Date as uAwards. Tabulated uAward Future Fund amounts will be secured by Bonds and other Securities and investments as tabulated by year per our Cost Free Economics™ patent pending process.  Imagine, lifetime consumer spending converted to Dollar for Dollar Savings™ secured with real assets providing real consumer financial security that builds a perpetually stable national economy.   Full banking & credit card services to consumers through their Future  Fund are planned for  the  near  future as well. 
        We totally fund your participation in our no cost hedge funds.
Your efforts to enroll everyone will make it happen sooner then later!              (see our Income, Commission, Overview  and FAQ’s  pages)
Due to our rapid growth you may experience site delay which will only be temporary as we expand to serve you.

The Gift Of Privilege™

A thoughtful legacy that changes the world…


A Smarter Choice
Save All You SpendThe End of PovertyA Global Consumer NetworkDedicated To The integrity of humanity is questioned 
by its continued acceptance of poverty...Shop Cost Free, fund a safer world as you save dollar for dollar effortlessly.ShopCostFree
A social network to change the world.

Save all you spend and more!

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Cost Free Economics™ delivers to consumers their well deserved benefits as it also confronts and resolves age old social issues that have burdened government and humanity since the dawn of civilization.  These burdens will soon be removed from government as consumers are able to provide effortlessly for their descendants as they utilize the economic power and efficiencies of Cost Free Economics™ .  The means and method to achieve these goals has been engineered and proven and we can together embark on our mission to eliminate poverty.  As long as one suffers in poverty then humanity suffers in poverty.  The elimination of poverty has begun.  By joining ShopCostFree™  you secure your family and speed its end.  Remember, by doing your part to eliminate poverty you also help stop Terrorism!

                                                                                                                                      ShopCostFree™will strive to achieve a rapid dissemination of  the Cost Free Economics™  principles to a vast membership of consumers but it is not dependent on a large initial member base.  The process is engineered to accommodate any number of consumers looking to turn their daily spending into daily accumulating live savings.  Individuals that fail to join early will regret their failure to recognize the importance of Cost Free Economics™ and the opportunity it presents.  They will become the most vocal beacons of Cost Free Economics™  when reality hits home as neighbors and members start enjoying the benefits of their lifetime savings ...The reality that they failed to secure these benefits for themselves and their loved ones will be heart wrenching.  The next generation of that family tree will not make this same mistake.  Remember, that mistake need not be made...register now and start making purchases Cost Free™  today… Together we will secure your future and their tomorrow. Together, we can challenge global warming and fund green energy.

Our mission is to apprise the entire globe of the principles of Cost Free Economics™  within  a relatively short period of time, the same timeframe that Microsoft went from startup to global industry Titian or possibly sooner. This is the way to paying off the financial bailouts.

One thing is certain, as soon as our free members start receiving their life spending benefits the entire world of consumers that have for whatever reason neglected to join will stampede to the network and participate. We target to actually change the world within our first full cycle.  Our primary goal is to provide the consumer with a financially sound method of securing the future.  To provide Cost Free™ Insurance and Financial Retirement Security to consumers as part of a economically sound Consumer Benefits Program.   We want all consumers to index all spending to savings.  Other target goals include creating and deploying a "Cost Free™ Broadband Global Internet" through our Marketing Affiliates for all consumers, creating our own entertainment and news divisions as well as to establish an alternative method of distribution for the existing mass visual media and music industries.  Watch out traditional cable and satellite with your constant rate hikes…the consumer will create  a consumer solution!

Don’t wait...strive to be among the first to help advocate Cost Free Economics™ .   Join now & enjoy the first wave of benefits.  Secure your future and the future of your loved ones now.

Reserve your spot as a wireless wi-max distributorText Box: Be an Advocate, Challenge Global Warming And Help Make Alternative Green Energy Affordable   
Learn how Cost Free Economics™ changes the world Millions of Cost Free™  Products Will Be Available!
 Soon most Green Technology you need will be available Cost Free™ 
Text Box: Cost Free Economics™ Delivers The Holy Grail Of Capitalism 
Your link to Financial Security with Free Participation in the only free GLOBAL CONSUMER HEDGE FUND… We Fund member participation!
Maximum Consumer Value Is Finally Here!

Have Fun, Travel and Entertainment  As You Earn A Great Affiliate Marketing Income and Secure Retirement


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Consumer Commerce Generates

Hundreds of Billions of Dollars Each Year In Profits


Save All You Spend™

and more…

It’s Just Common Sense


You have a simple choice…

Build Their Wealth Or  Yours


Soon You Can Choose To Convert All Your Bills To uAward Savings …

Every bill you pay you save... EFFORTLESSLY… Dollar for Dollar !


Those that just Do Not Choose to convert their lifetime spending to savings… 

Those that just Do Not Choose to enjoy and spend their money A Second Time… Well They...

WILL NOT, It’s Just That SIMPLE… You have to choose… It’s Free but you still have to choose!


 The choice now before you is...  Do you only build their wealth and ignore yours… or do you choose to

 Save All You Spend.


As our first members start enjoying their saved uAwards of Lifetime Of Spending once again...

the second time around from their uAwards account...

Effortless Savings of Lifetime Spending…  They Will Enjoy Their Money Even More The Second Time Around


 The ones that for whatever reason FAIL to make the choice to effortlessly 

Save All They Spend... 


Sadly for them

They will only have their regrets for simply just not choosing to convert

A Lifetime Of Spending To Savings... Effortlessly!


· isn’t it time to share some of those billions in consumer generated profits responsibly…

        with consumers?


· meaning shouldn’t you the consumer get back a fair share… How about All You Spend and more… even the bills you pay and entertainment you spend on?


· isn’t it time for you the consumer to be rewarded with real consumer benefitsyou earned them, you are the true force behind all economics & commerce.


· Isn’t it time for you to share in the wealth you create… or do you want to just build their wealth and not yours?  You now can choose your future.


· isn’t it time to no longer be concerned about your financial security.  This Rebirth of Capitalism benefits the source of commerce, you the consumer.


Shop Cost Free Economics™  is here… is now and is your future!

 The Only Process  Engineered To  Provide For Your Secure Future As It...


Perpetually Grows The National Economy And Helps Stop Poverty and Terrorism Globally    


· Have fun networking like you do now…  just network on Shop Cost Free™ sites as well…

       and bring your friends &

       family, it will change their



· Do things you like as you earn an unlimited effortless great marketing income promoting Shop Cost Free™ shopping and Saving All You Spend.


· Pay for college or earn a great income to travel the world care free, enjoy life and spend more…

        Cost Free Economics™


         Even As You Sleep !


Save All You Spend™ and more… It’s Just Common Sense


Remember, You have a simple choice…

Build Their Wealth Or  Yours


Only You Can Choose to Save All You Spend

It is not enough to predict the future and wait...we must create the future and together we can. Together utilizing Cost Free Economics™ we can better the world.  It is our goal to provide every consumer with the opportunity to automatically convert their everyday spending into everyday savings. To give every consumer member the means to secure their future with their own daily spending.  This is made possible by applying the innovative patent pending principles of Cost Free Economics™ creating Automatic Effortless Saving Through Normal Everyday Spending.  Teach your kids!

Imagine a lifetime of spending… effortlessly to the consumer, converted to a lifetime of savings… that is returned to the Cost Free™ Consumer when needed most.  This is our goal and it is achievable with the involvement of the individual consumer.  The process is effortless for the consumer… the end results are phenomenal.  The Internet Economy is a virtual consumer asset, virtual property that each consumer has a rightful claim to if acted on.  To benefit from that asset each individual consumer must stake their claim, assert their right and demand their benefits.  Only Innovative Economics will Bring Back The Jobs lost overseas.


ShopCostFree™   has developed the method to ultimately centralize and convert the assets of the Internet Economy to ultimate consumer value and benefits.  Only here can you save all you spend!  We plan to concentrate our project investment income with income generated from our various Internet Products and Services projects along with utilizing the Cost Free Economics™ Patent Pending Process to Fund and deliver Consumer Benefits to our members. In time, we will develop a Cost Free™ alternative to every conceivable Internet Service and Retail Product consumers will want or need.   No other plan can do more!

       We will build a perpetually strong economy to payoff the national debt & the financial bailouts!


Reduce Our Dependency On Oil Producing Nations


Our goal is to capture the broadest spectrum of digital and internet economies and fund a realistic consumer benefits program that is made possible by daily consumer spending.  We will make it possible for every consumer to convert to green technology and help challenge global warming at a meaningful level for a greener world by making converting to solar and other green technology affordable to everyone. Consumers will be able to save all they spend on their efforts to give the world a greener future and help to reduce our dependency on oil energy.  No matter where you stand on the Global Warming issue, reducing our dependency  on oil producing nations is a priority and a good thing!

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Your Cost Free
Future Projects
click hereShop Cost FreeTMShop Cost Free, your Cost Free wireless future under construction.Now!Our Mission Is To Change Your World
INDEX ALL SPENDING TO SAVINGSLive a better life with a secure future through
Save All You Spend EconomicsTM$0.00

Results From Just 25 Years Of Old Way Spending

Consumer "A" Spends the Old Economics way

In the time honored tradition of economic barter unchanged since the dawn of civilization this consumer spends hard earned income for disposable products, services and entertainment 

Reducing personal wealth with each transaction.



Results After Just 25 Years Of Shop Cost Free™ Spending

Consumer "B" Spends the Shop Cost Free Economics™  way

Discovers Cost Free Economics™  and in the time honored tradition of  “common sense” also unchanged since the dawn of civilization this consumer happily spends hard earned income for disposable products, services and entertainment while

Increasing wealth Dollar for Dollar with each transaction.                    Save All You Spend and more™

  It’s just common sense...


Now...which do you think is the right way - the Old Barter way or Cost Free Economics™?
Remember...Cash is King - and Consumer "B" has an additional effortless
$2,000,000 in income and future fund uAwards!

The  above specific comparison is a fictional  example showing potential results comparing the outlined parameters of  two consumers.  Individual results will vary according to individual marketing efforts and Shop Cost Free™  spending.

Cost Free Economics™ delivers the American Dream equally to every participating Consumer... Only You Determine The Spending You Convert To Savings And The Effortless Wealth You Create             

It Is Arguably - The Most Innovative Economic Discovery Of Our Time

 It allows you to:      Convert NORMAL EVERYDAY Spending to Dollar for Dollar Future uAwards

· Create a large asset effortlessly through daily Cost Free™ spending

· Harness the explosion in Internet Shopping to provide effortless income to our members

· Provide for unlimited lifetime potential income through our Marketing Affiliate Program

· Enjoy the values of your daily spending then again enjoy the Cost Free™ uAwards and future security you accumulated...You will enjoy your money more the second time, when you may need it most...

imagine the possibilies...A Smarter Choice
Save All You SpendLet's greet our troops when they return with a 
Save All You Spend Debit & Credit Card 
So They Can Convert All Their Bills To Savings 
Meaningful Gratitude They Can Use Daily....Have All Your Friends Take Just A Minute To Join Now
They deserve our support... Everyone should help ! NATIONAL CAMPAIGN OF GRATITUDE FOR THE TROOPS
Make Veteran's Day... EverydayWe Will Support & Invest In Industries That Support 
Save All You Spend EconomicsWe will build Super Stores locally to compete with The Ones That Don'tThe Future Dominance Of Global Economics & Commerce Is At StakeOur Message Is Together we Can
INDEX ALL SPENDING TO SAVINGSTMTeach Our Children To Save All They Spend

                                                                                                         To contact us: 


Cost Free Economics™ is a patent pending process, (US60/675,894)

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All Rights Reserved

As the first consumers start receiving their accumulated Life Time Spending the economic methods of the old world will fade into economic history

The reality is that as Cost Free Economics™ becomes effortlessly available to all consumers…what logical consumer will not want to…

Save All They Spend... and more™

The One Who Says It Can't Be Done... Never Stands In The Way Of The Wave Of Those Doing It

The motivated will secure their future now with enthusiasm; the rest will join later with some remorse for having waited.

Dropped into the sea of nations, in time Cost Free Economics™ like a wave will reach all consumers.

ShopCostFree... The Greatest Discovery In Economics Since The Dawn Of CommerceHelp Eliminate Poverty and Secure Your Future...


Our Limitless Portal above… located on all our sites serves as a dynamic visual portal to our Social & Shopping Communities and jumps you directly to our innovative & entertaining features below!

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Just Keep The Two in Two Pledge,  it's easy... it's simple... it's so meaningfulWe Can Provide The Means For Eveyone To Index All Their Spending To Savings
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· Earns $40,000 a year in income for 25 years

· Spends $40,000  a year and more

· Little or no amounts added to savings and investments

· Based on 2005 US Commerce Department Report of a national negative savings rate we spend more then we earn and more.





· Net Equity Result =




· Earns $40,000 a year in income for 25 years

· Spends $40,000 a year and more as Cost Free Economics™

· Dollar for Dollar Cost Free™ spending added to Future Fund savings

· Future Fund equity potential is $1,000,000 and growing with every dollar spent Cost Free™

· Option to double income

· Potential to earn unlimited lifetime income as a Marketing Affiliate Free Member just sponsoring free members for online shopping

· Net Potential Equity =


                  $1,000,000 Potential Lifetime uAward Savings

                  $1,000,000 Potential Lifetime Affiliate income






This  Consumer and family  would  potentially enjoy  an additional

$2,000,000 in income and savings and security...the choice is yours.    Stop Being A Lottery Loser…

Your Winning Ticket Is Cost Free™