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  Our Affiliate Program Is The Very Best Ever Established Promote Ultimate Consumer Value                                         FACT:  This Exclusive Proprietary Economic Process Is Only Available To Our Members… and it’s Free


Affiliate ( af-fil-i-ate) Noun. Definition: A person or group who effortlessly can share in the success of the merchant.  Being an affiliate can be worth potentially tens of thousands of dollars in effortless income every month.   Possibilities are endless...

Affiliate Marketing is the hottest trend of  the Internet Age already engaging millions of everyday consumers in the evolving economics of this new era.   It is a way for consumers, our “Marketing Associate Affiliates”, to build their marketing groups.  To recommend their online group to other people for referral & social shopping, personal entertainment, social causes, politics and business.  Engage in everyday  social networking and  get compensated for it.   Enjoy creating a second career you will love while having great fun changing the world. Make Fighting Poverty & Fighting Global Warming Affordable To All As You... Save All You Spend & earn Effortless Lifetime Income.     

Affiliate Marketing Income is now an established & proven way of generating marketing income and increasing sales for merchants that has made the Internet what it is today.  Now all the giants of retail & industry use it.  Affiliate Marketing totals billions of dollars each year in income and generates huge amounts of effortless income to affiliates through simple web links.  Affiliate Marketing is based on passing portions of transaction costs as income to individuals or entities that promote or market a merchants site or product.  The consumer never sees a benefit or in most cases is ineligible or even barred from benefiting from this transaction cost income.  We believe this to be a very anti-consumer business practice.  Our patent pending process harvests just such transaction costs for the benefit of all. Our process uniquely benefits everyone from Merchant to Government and The Economy to “You The Consumer.”  We combine this affiliate income with other income streams such as internet ad’s & internet search engine revenue, in our Consumer Investment Hedge Fund to generate maximum consumer value… the return of “The Entire Amount Spent… and more.We effortlessly return that entire amount back to the consumer as Consumer Loyalty Awards… 

You just JOIN FREE and remember to keep the “Two in Two” Signup Pledge… It’s the one simple step to make this a global reality!

ShopCostFree Economics™ is patent pending & only available through our sites.  As a member affiliate you to can be a part of this great economic discovery that changes your future, the future of your family  and world.     

Affiliate Marketing 1.01 ...earn effortless lifetime income as a FREE member





Our Free Members help spread the word around the world insuring the global success of our innovative economic process.

Free Members SAVE ALL THEY SPEND & Earn lifetime affiliate income and more.   All Free Members earn unlimited, effortless lifetime affiliate income from all qualifying new members they enroll.  This is your doorway to a real second career.  Free Members pledge to keep the Two in Two member pledge and to promote Cost Free Economics™ .  Advocating members help expand initial project growth by simply spreading the word.  Help to perpetually strengthen the economy & our nation & reduce the social burden on government through normal daily spending.  Become a Free Member to better your life, your family's future and help build a better world. 


Help create a legacy, it’s up to you... Change The World… REMEMBER, Why shop any other way?

Our Save All You Spend Economics is the Ultimate Consumer Benefits Plan  
The Only Way To Real  Wealth...  Created  From  Normal  Daily  Spending !  A little united consumer effort... Keep The Pledge & You Make It Happen5 million members needed to launch our bill pay serviceFree Members...Text Box:                                                            All rates listed below remain subject to Shop Cost Free Corporation  Terms and Conditions.


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Everyone starts as an

Initial Free Member


Once an Initial Member fulfills  our vital… “Two in Two” member pledge and sponsors two  new free members that member is  certified and has achieved Certified Associate Level status.  This qualifies the member to receive affiliate commission income as outlined to the right. 


Product or Service-- Sold To a Sponsored Member


Product Sold represented underlined below

Sale Credited to sponsoring member  in Red



Earn Commissions from all qualified

lifetime purchases  by a member you sponsor… someone you signup.

(The Member making purchase also gets the entire

 purchase amount tabulated to their uAward account.)

    Sponsor earns 5% of net in direct monthly checks

    Sponsor earns 0% of net also posted to uAward




All Members Save All They Spend through

 our sites and on Shopper’s Mall purchases. 

    All your qualified Cost Free™ purchases, the Total Transaction Amount of each sale, are tabulated and

posted to the  members uAward Account.


Your Lifetime Spending becomes Lifetime Savings




  Direct To You Checks

        Payout Monthly





· 5 %  of lifetime purchases

             of members you sponsor






· You  Save All You Spend™

Posted to Your Future uAward Fund  





· 5 %  of lifetime purchases

             of members you sponsor






· You  Save All You Spend™

 Certified Free Member

Total Income





· 10 %  of lifetime purchases

             of members you sponsor






· 100%  of lifetime purchases

             You  Save All You Spend™

Text Box: Commissions
Combined Totals 
Text Box:  The Best Internet Career Ever 
Certified Free Member  -  Commissions
Text Box:           Products Sold
Credited to a Marketing Member    
Text Box: Free 
Free Member Commission Structure Details




Free Member Marketing Affiliate Enrollment Procedures:

       1) As a Marketing Affiliate you may only register new member’s through our site INVITE FUNCTION.  Log in to our site and use our sites INVITE FUNCTION  to send invite emails that contain your imbedded ref_ID : Always advise friends to expect an invite & to keep the Two in Two Pledge.

       2) Use the Invite Function on our site to send an Invite E-mail to the prospective new member.  It is important to maintain this procedure if you are actively sponsoring new members for future income.  Remember this income could grow to hundreds of thousands of dollars so maintain this simple outlined Sponsor procedure.          Always advise friend you invite to expect your invite.

       3) The new member will receive an e-mail informing the new member that they have been registered and they can start registering new members also.   Always advise new members to advise friends they invite to expect an invite & to keep the Two in Two Pledge.

       4)  A Sponsor is NEVER authorized to ask for or collect any social security, bank or credit card information at any time for identification or any other purpose.  Identification will be required by photo ID such as drivers license, passport, birth certificate or government ID or any other method as determined by Shop Cost Free Corporation when a members future awards are released.   Tax numbers are required when a member is eligible for a commission check before payment is issued.

Commission Eligibility Requirements:   

To maintain Marketing Affiliate Income status and commission eligibility members only need to sponsor a minimum of  (2)  free new members within the Initial thirty day period of becoming a free new Member and Initial Marketing Associate  and maintain membership level.  (See chart below, “Just How Quickly Can We Make It Happen”)        Please keep the Two in Two Pledge going….

Sponsoring said (2) new members within the first thirty (30) certifies your Affiliate status at the current sponsor minimum. Or use our extended certification program to sponsor (5) new free members within (6) months of the above Initial Period. during the (6) month extended certification period.  We provide this as a courtesy just in case there is some legit issue delaying Two in Two.  

The minimum sponsorships required may be increased for Affiliate Marketing Members as the project grows and new minimums are posted on the Commissions Page.  Lock in your current position now!  Secure your status as quickly as you can then continue to sponsor additional new members  to grow your product sales commission income as you also Save All You Spend…  Secure Your Future Now with Commission Income and Shop Cost Free Economics Savings and uAwards™ !  

Free Marketing Associate/Affiliate Levels:

Marketing Associates can enroll unlimited new members with no restrictions and are encouraged to build their marketing group as large as possible! The more members they sponsor the greater their lifetime income should be.  Commission income is solely determined by their number of sponsored members and the sponsored members monthly purchases.

The Free Affiliate levels and categories are:


· Initial Free Membership- Always Free.  Join to Save All You Spend… and more!  Then just complete the “Two in Two” Pledge which certifies you to next level below Certified to earn lifetime commission income & achieve retirement security. Tabulate your consumer spending to your uAwards account to spend it again!


· Certified Free Marketing Associate - (2) members sponsored minimum to be certified commission income eligible.



Free Member Marketing Performance Categories:

These are Status Categories & will have tiered  internal rights as well as status benefits at conventions all to be announced.  Category status will be used to help determine Member Rank Factor. This internal factor is used to determine a members bonus commission share to be paid from the Combined Commission Fund each year. The Combined Commission Fund is the company fund holding accumulated combined commissions from any commissionable transactions where the commissions collected by the company can not be tracked to a specific member or account.


Bronze Certified Marketing Affiliate - (50) new sponsors or $1000+ in earned combined commissions per month

Silver Certified Marketing Associate - (100) new sponsors or $2000+ in earned combined commission per month

Gold Marketing Affiliate - (500) new sponsors or $5000+ in earned combined commissions per month

Diamond Marketing Affiliate - (1000+) new sponsors or $10,000+ in earned combined commissions per month




FREE MEMBER DETAILSOur Mission Is To Change Your WorldThey will live a better life with a secure future through
Shop Cost Free EconomicsTMKeep the Two In Two members Pledge... 
Make Indexed Savings Happen For Everyone !






You must wonder just how quickly we can achieve our goal to make Cost Free Economics™ based commerce available globally.  Einstein stated that the most powerful force in the universe was simple compounding.  We calculated that the simple compounding of just one member  can achieve unimaginable results.  The mathematical reality of just taking one member and having that member signup just two members the first week and each new member then does the same…they each signup only two new members the following week...  by the time we reach week 34 we would have surpassed the estimated population of the world which is about Population: 6,602,224,175 (July 2007 est.).  So after week 34 the party would begin... or we could just rest for the rest of the year :o)


Then we can begin to tackle the issues of global poverty and global warming…

Fund  social change  and  alternative  energy  through  Cost Free Economics™

Text Box: Really, How Quickly Can It Happen?

Below Chart Demonstrates The Weekly Growth Potential If Each New Member Keeps     The “Two in Two” Pledge and Signs Just Two Free New Members Each.  

With just a little effort our members... Can Make It Happen In Just Weeks !          

To be able to Save All You Spend... So you can spend it again…

 Makes keeping the “Two in Two” Pledge… EASILY… a simple no brainer !

It  is amazing but  the market  reach  of a single person that registers just two people who continue with just two new members each... very quickly encompasses all humanity….


In just weeks, 34 to be exact, the whole world can benefit from their everyday bill paying and spending and convert all their spending to savings!


As Einstein pointed out, The Most Powerful Force In The Universe is just simple compounding… and a clear visual example is in the chart at left.


Together, we… this generation can secure the future. We can help stop poverty and change the world.  Are those realities worth the effort to advocate this message to just two new members?


      We think so!

Keep the Two In Two members pledge... Make it happen !
The only way to really change the world is to upgrade economics.Teach Our Children To Save All They Spend

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            Enjoy, Play & Win…

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  You Keep All Your Winnings Too!


  Your home location determines

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Cost Free Economics™ is a patent pending process, (US60/675,894)

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As the first consumers start receiving their accumulated Life Time Spending the economic methods of the old world will fade into economic history

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The One Who Says It Can't Be Done... Never Stands In The Way Of The Wave Of Those Doing It

The motivated will secure their future now with enthusiasm; the rest will join later with some remorse for having waited.

Dropped into the sea of nations, in time Cost Free Economics™ like a wave will reach all consumers.

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