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Consider this National Headline… 

A New Model For Getting Rich Online Investors Not Needed, Just a Site With Ads

This article was by Yuki Noguchi, Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, July 28, 2006.  Below are quotes from the article.


“For hundreds of thousands of people, the dream of making an Internet fortune works like this, earn pennies at a time”…“place advertisements on a personal or small-business Web page.” Various examples of success quoted from article follow:

· “Two 20-year olds in Louisville, say they collect $100,000 a month from their year-old site.”

· One “started making the equivalent of an entry-level government worker's salary -- $30,000 to $40,000 a year -- simply because people clicked on ads.”

· “One couple blogged about their home reconstruction and made money to help pay the mortgage on their new house.”

· Another said “he used the money his Web site made on ads... for new online ventures”

A Gold Rush
Has Begun!T-shirt, Free Agent Consumer or We Can Do It!T-shirt, I maybe beautiful... but I'm not stupid, Shop Cost with Logo

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Free Agent Consumer   T Shirt

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I Maybe Beautiful...but I’m Not Stupid        with Logo,                                                              

Great Slogan    T Shirts

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The first book of The Watergate Chronicles, a historical saga six book series of political intrigue and action adventure that brings the streets of Washington, DC to life and exposes the untold secrets of Watergate and beyond.  Experience the romance of passion and power!

This launches our film and entertainment divisions!

Order: $49.95

SKU/Item Number: 000004

An in-depth detailing of Cost Free Economics explaining its methods and economic principles.  A must read to understand fully the promise of Cost Free Economics. This is not “Freakonomics” in reference to the current best seller but real innovation economics  that will change the world and your future.  

The Cure for Poverty: Cost Free Economics   

        Capitalism Operating at Maximum Efficiency

Order: $29.95

SKU/Item Number: 000005


A step by step examination into the workings of your future fund and   “The Gift of Privilege”.  Learn all there is to know about how it works and to preparer yourself and your descendants for the enormous legacy you will bestow on your future family tree.

The Gift of Privilege: Your Legacy for the Future                     

                            The Meek and Poor Can Inherit the Earth

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If you’re intimidated at the thought of creating a yourself a favor. Join now, Take a look around… read the Project Details… Go to the Invite Friends link and send your friends an Invite.  Call and let them know to expect an invite.  It’s as simple as this.

Change the World

There are two methods of contributing to help fund the Cost Free Project, direct premium membership or  purchase of a book, T-shirt or other funding product. will utilize the concept of common group knowledge to tap into its organization members vast diversity.  It has been discovered by researchers that groups of average people are as good at problem solving and advising as experts in given fields.  We will have a diversity of both the average individual  as well as scholars and experts among our organization ranks to reach out to for guidance.  The ranking members board will be the Advisory Executive Board.  


Benefactors' wishing to help grow our Perpetual Fund  directly can do so at any time by clicking on the direct PayPal link below.

All funding product purchases and direct contributions are tabulated to the members uAward Fund for future return to the member. Now you can... Help Change the World as You Save!

 These funds minus costs insure and facilitate the perpetual existence of the greatest project of all time, designed and engineered to eliminate poverty from this earth.

The purchase of  one or more of our funding products by a Shop Cost Free™ member will activate the members Future uAward Account as a Chartered Member and give the member access to view the perpetual fund as it grows.


 All member advisory boards will be chosen or elected from our member ranks. 


As our organization grows it will be structured in a democratic format similar to our Senate and House structure with elections to the various advisory boards needed to operation our various ShopCostFree™  sites.                 


Only  Free Certified Members & Charter Founding Members & Founders  Club will be entitled to  Vote & Participate  in the  election and board  membership process


We encourage all members to also choose from our funding product and request T-shirts and books from our list.  Wear the T-shirts for all to see.  The books will enlighten and inform you and prepare you for interaction with our network.  All members ordering a T- shirt or other funding product will need to add a minimum shipping and handling charge per item to the transaction as specified.


REMEMBER… All funds you contribute are tabulated to your uAward Fund and are  returned as a uAward. All net proceeds from funding product sales will be deposited into our Perpetual Fund to be used to insure the perpetual existence of the project.   


To reduce product cost to our organization and maximize net proceeds to our perpetual fund all funding product will be produced on a minimum production run basis.  As product requests accumulate to a production run level for each product a production run will be made and the product shipped.


We hope to see orders reach a level where we can maintain steady production runs weekly.  After you order a funding product you will be updated on production schedules by email.


Our funding project goal is to educate consumers globally, establish our founding and charter member electorate and grow the perpetual fund to insure the long term existence of the project.  Please understand all contributions are considered final and non refundable.  Thank You for helping to fund the worlds greatest project.  Help secure yourself and your future generations now!

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