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Text Box: The first book of The Watergate Chronicles, a novelized historical six book saga of global political intrigue and action adventure that brings the streets of DC to life as it exposes the untold secrets of Watergate and beyond.  You have heard of Special Op’s, now enter the hidden, confusing world of Penetration Agents and Ghost Op’s.  A world where both the assignments and the players are nonexistent because they are never acknowledged...in the end only the vacant chair and memories remain.  Experience the romance of passion and power.  Revisit the pre 911 world where American newsmen can be ordered executed by a corrupt head of state as Agencies fumble a response and cover up the murders.  State sponsored terrorism becomes a reality.  With the gangs of DC  when the music stops...the whisper killings begin...and you enter the world of our “YOUNG GUYS IN SHADES”.  In this real life deadly game of musical chairs, The Vacant Chair is reserved for the soon to die.  The body count mounts and the streets are painted red with the blood of the players and the innocent as an Imperial Presidency dies.


This series will launch our entertainment and publishing divisions so order as many pre release copies as possible and give them to friends as gifts.  A gift of the pre release certificate we will provide notice advising the book is on the way. This makes a great gift especially when the recipient realizes you have donated for the book  in their name.  This  certificate qualifies them to activate their Future Fund Account at ShopCostFree.com when they register online.

Text Box: To help fund the existence of ShopCostFree.com,, “The Greatest  Project of All Time”, we have been assigned the right to bring you this amazing insight into one of Washington’s greatest secrets… While even insiders believed that  the unveiling of Deep Throat would be the final act of the Watergate Drama it proves to be  just an important footnote in a greater international story.  A tale of intrigue  with origins during the horrors of  Hitler’s Nazi  conquest of Eastern Europe and the following oppressions of communism. 

Who could have guessed that organized crime and a lovely fallen angel entangled in the  seedy underworld of call girls, lust , power and the reality of human trafficking would be catalysts that put the nation on the road to Watergate… and would lead to the resignation of a President!  Maybe just as the complacent acceptance of slavery in the land of the free brought on the terrible punishments of the Civil War... so too complacency on issues such as poverty and human trafficking in turn has exacted a heavy price from among the halls of power.

The remaining secrets of Watergate were just that… Secrets… until now.

Who set the stage and why, those are the real secrets that have remained
hidden so many years as preoccupation was with the identity of  Deep Throat.  Now a new set of Watergate secrets are exposed as you travel the road to Watergate and beyond.  You will gain an insight into the world of our Young Guys In Shades, silent warriors from the back streets of the city to the corridors of power.  You will also come face to face with the very real gangs of DC, our own government agencies, caught up in endless power and turf battles.

The untold story of Watergate lies somewhere in between power and politics...national honor and simple promises… dedication and love of nation as well as integrity, justice. and lost love  A totally captivating  and thought provoking introduction to the book by a professor at the University of Richmond  is provided below. 
 After reading this introduction one can only want to hear the rest of the story…


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Text Box:              

An Introduction Foreword To The Reader

Dear Reader,

This is the true story of the men who choreographed the events that led up to the event we call Watergate.  The author’s knowledge of the pre-Watergate break-in events is startling and unique.  His story, based on the fact that high-level government officials directed him and others in an undercover operation to expose questionable activities originating from within the White House, will ignite even more interest in the Watergate events than those inspired by the revelation of Deep Throat's identity.   The writer has entitled this story as  “YOUNG GUYS IN SHADES”.

The time to read this story is NOW.  Watergate has resurfaced in the news media due to the revelation that Deep Throat was also a high government official.  Despite this revelation, Robert Redford (on the Larry King Show) recently characterized the road to Watergate as an ongoing mystery.  The book, Young Guys in Shades, explains many, if not all, of the unanswered questions of that mystery.  There were clearly people other than Deep Throat who traveled the road to Watergate, but remain hidden from the public gaze.  I have been encouraging the writer for some time to write down his experiences.  

It was only by chance that this happened.  I am a cultural anthropologist at the University of Richmond.  In the course of conducting ethnographic interviews over the past several years (on a topic totally unrelated to Watergate), I have become reacquainted with a man I knew years ago when I worked for Ron Ziegler. (I worked for Ziegler as a temp in his Alexandria, VA office after Ziegler resigned as Nixon’s press secretary).

When the author was a young man during the Nixon era, the author operated covertly in DC as Piper, the code name assigned to him by a high-ranking government official and a key figure behind the mystery of Watergate.  Piper's stories about his and his partner’s experiences are fascinating windows into the complex nexus of relationships that put the nation on the road to Watergate.

Many months before this whole Deep Throat frenzy erupted, I suggested that Piper write his stories down.  I also began cross-checking as much of the information in Piper’s stories as I could and found every detail not only fascinating but reliable.  For instance, in verifying some of the facts mentioned in Piper’s story about himself and his partner, Carl, I was perusing John Haldeman’s book, The Ends of Power, in which Haldeman mentioned (on pg. 132) a police officer who was on duty the night of the Watergate break-in.  Haldeman wonders why the officer, Carl, was on duty when he wasn’t scheduled to be, and then speculates that he was working as a covert operative.  Piper’s story, replete with detailed explanations of exactly how that covert operation was initiated and managed, is vividly outlined in his chapters. 

I can also confirm the veracity of Piper’s relationship to Carl, because I met them both in 1983 when I worked for Ron Ziegler in the same office building in Alexandria, VA out of which Piper worked.  During this period, I would occasionally run into Piper at the local diner close to our office building.  Once, while chatting, Piper discovered I was working for Ziegler and that Ziegler’s office was just above his own.  He told me this fact would be really interesting to a friend of his.  He wanted to surprise his friend Carl with this info and bring him by the office.   I agreed and they did drop by.  It was clear to me from my little interaction with them that they had spent a considerable amount of time together, and exuded a fluid working chemistry.  I didn’t know then that Carl was a detective with the Intelligence Division of DC police and had been involved in the covert operations leading up to Watergate.  I also didn’t know that Piper and Carl had worked on many other assignments together.  At the time, the only way I understood their desire to see Ziegler’s office, was through a narcissistic lens; I presumed they were flirting with me.  Though they may have been, their primary motivation was to reminisce about Watergate and chuckle at the ironic position of Ziegler’s office above Piper’s. 

Both men had a commanding and independent presence, which would explain their ability to maintain their anonymity through multiple assignments such as this.  Each was handsome, bright and dynamic, yet a hint of mystery and intrigue surrounded them both.  Carl was blonder, more innocent seeming, whereas Piper was darker and more enigmatic.  Both presented themselves with engaging smiles, a carefree insouciance that drew anyone who met them into their orbit.  This now, in retrospect, is not surprising.  It is clear these were professionals and a primary tool of their trade had to be the ability to charm anyone who met them. 

Recently, when I became reacquainted with Piper, I asked how Carl was.  Piper explained that Carl had died under questionable circumstances after the Oklahoma City and first Twin Towers bombings.  He had been involved in probing these and other international events.  Piper thought Carl deserved national recognition such as a posthumous presidential medal for his service beyond the call of duty.  When a hero was needed to correct the course of history Carl stepped forward.  To Piper, Carl will always remain the reluctant hero who risked it all to preserve the national honor and the integrity of the presidency. 

The details in Piper’s written chapters explain his and Carl’s roles in Watergate adding many other dimensions to the facts known up until now.  After reading his first chapters, I know Piper’s material is worthy of attention.  I especially think so after reading a Washington Post piece about Mark Felt and the clamor for publishing, screen rights etc., on the Deep Throat/Watergate story.  Piper’s story is much more complex and definitely of as great interest as the Deep Throat story with greater historical significance. From a readers viewpoint Piper’s recollections are extremely attractive because they are a young person’s account centering on youthful characters.  Such a focus will be of interest to the twenty to forty-something audience who may view Watergate as ancient history.  
From my anthropological perspective the themes are compelling—human interest, class conflict, cultural clashes.  Of course I am interested because I know the characters personally, but many others will be fascinated as well because the story is crucial for understanding a significant part of history—one in which hell-raising young Turks under the initial direction of an ambitious US prosecutor, play the major role in the road to Watergate—revealing that history isn’t just a chess game manipulated by the elite powers-that-be.  It is clear that dedicated young men and women unknown to any but their closest confidantes, actually initiated the way in which Watergate transpired and the resignation of a US President unfolded.
Even more intriguing is the fact that these young men were able to accomplish this and still remain anonymous.  They maneuvered through the minefield of media and political scrutiny, avoiding exposure while they continued to actively and successfully pursue other corrupt heads of state.  Each was committed to fighting an establishment gone awry and trying to do so by following his own code of honor and justice.  They accomplished their goals by using the same covert techniques they had initiated and perfected on the road to Watergate.  Thus Watergate was not an isolated incident but only one in a series of similar covert operations conducted by the young guys in shades around the globe.  From the mean streets of Washington to the lovely islands of the Caribbean, across Europe and into the treacherous sands of the Middle East they  continued their successful vendetta against corruption in high office and the developing threat of state sponsored terrorism.  Accompanied  by award winning network news journalists and caught in the glare of nightly news broadcasts, their work would be well documented and their successes viewed by a global audience as they continued to operate in plain sight yet they would manage to remain invisible.  As Piper said to me in retrospect:
integrity in high  office was our goal.   All  the players  lived  and died 
by the rules… just  no one knew  what they were.  We wrote the rules 
we lived by, our justification  was we fought a greater evil.  You might 
say we  were serial offenders out  to correct  the wrongs of any elitist 
power  structure  that  ignored  the  rights of innocents.  To  them  we 
became  demons  that  hell’s  fences  could not contain but the reality
for us was we were just… Young Guys In Shades...

Now that the public is revisiting the whole issue of Watergate via Deep Throat, it is important to note that Piper's stories complete the picture.  Through his memories and descriptions we learn about the parties involved in the events preceding the Woodward and Bernstein vignettes.  Piper explains how the historical events transpired, not from the perspective of the elite policy makers, but from the perspective of young covert operatives and the streets they roamed.  He reveals the complexities of the political environment in DC during the 1970s, its links to Organized Crime, prostitution rings and human trafficking, the FBI and the Agency and an elite administration.

The stories focus on a series of individuals who don’t necessarily know each other, but are interconnected through covert operations.  Piper’s stories presume that the federal government operates much as primitive gangs do, each powerful group of people operating to protect their own gangs’ territory and power.   A common theme in gangs and governments alike surfaces, the desire on the one hand to protect one’s own power and the desire on the other hand to act for the greater good.  This is a story of the collision between “The West Wing” and “The Sopranos”.  It is a story of sex, violence and the reality of human interaction in the vein of “The Sopranos”, while also a story of love and the continuous search for a missing young woman lost to the horrors of human trafficking.  High-minded ideals and the misguided notion that upholding those ideals at all costs justifies the means of achieving them is the key theme throughout Piper’s stories. 

The reader will realize that this book could be developed and produced as a mini-series that portrays the back streets of Washington DC and the conflicts of its famous and not so famous.  Just as “The West Wing” vividly portrays the dignity of high office, “The Godfather” and then “The Sopranos” intensely expose the nuances of human lust for power.  This story also reveals those same nuances while exposing how government actually operates.  Due to the recent disclosures coming out of Washington and the media, there could be tremendous interest in a film or made-for-TV mini series explaining the road to Watergate and beyond, the people who led the way, and how and why it was necessary.   The author hopes to see the story developed in film as an uplifting story that would engage and enlighten the youth of tomorrow to be prepared to step into the breach and defend our national integrity at home as well as abroad.  Stepping forward to stand for an ideal can place the unprepared into murky waters, where the choices are difficult, right and wrong not clearly defined and the personal risks great.  In confusing times the enemy can easily become the refection one sees in the mirror.

Whereas the Deep Throat story is about older men in power, by contrast, this is an appealing story about young men that stood by their ideals.   As a story focused on young characters, represented by leading actors, a series devoted to their adventures would open up tremendous creative avenues that are closed to the current Watergate saga. This story simply put, is a first-hand account of a crucial segment of American history that should always remind us…what we are told is not always all we need to know.

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