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               Frequently Asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions


The first question that needs to be addressed, “Is this a Ponzi Scheme or some other Get Rich Quick Scheme” ?

The answer is simply no.  This is a Grass Roots Consumer Benefits Project incorporating a Retirement Hedge Fund process utilizing a patent pending economic process.  It is  economically & mathematically sound and utilizes proven principles to deliver consumer benefits and dollar for dollar savings.  A Ponzi Scheme is best described as a scheme where the operator takes money from “Peter to pay Paul”.  The operator takes fees from the next level of participates to pay off promised returns to the previous level of participates.   No commerce,  economic transaction or investment income is generated to make these payouts.  Cost Free Economics™ delivers capitalism operating at ultimate efficiency.  It harnesses transaction costs that exist in all consumer transactions that consumers pay anyway as part of every purchase they make and invests these  costs into it’s Consumer Retirement Investment Hedge Fund to return at a future date the entire amount of the transaction back to the consumer.  Discounts & rebates are established components of the consumer transaction process and affiliate marketing programs with commission income and click through income have become primary feature of most websites.  What is different with Cost Free Economics™ is the application and end result of combining those components. We convert those components to  a comprehensive retirement  program. This is now made possible with the advent of computers and the Internet.  The proliferation of affiliate commission income that sites can earn from members purchasing, Adsense income, search income and Internet advertising income all contribute to making Cost Free Economics™ a viable economic process.  Shop Cost Free Corporation will seek to establish the best available price for the consumer on products and services to provide the best value possible.  The company accumulates it’s earned affiliate commission income it earns from each transaction its members initiate and combines these payments together in it’s  investment Hedge Fund to create maximum yield.  (This costs the consumer nothing.  If you check the terms of use on most e-commerce sites you will find that most specifically deny consumers access to these funds anyway.  These transactions costs exist but the consumer is specifically barred from directly receiving them.) Computer programs now exist that allow for any fund to duplicate the yields of the best run existing hedge funds.  Participation cost for entry to our site is FREE… Entry to the fund for the consumer is simple,  effortless  and always free… it just requires the consumer to join, be a member and participate. The end result being that consumers can now save all they spend utilizing money from their everyday purchases they never would have had access to. 

Can members overview  the operations of the investment funds?

Yes, members will be able to not only overview the activity of the funds but they will also be able to participate in the operations of the uAward funds. We will utilize the principle of combined group knowledge to help guide the direction of our funds.  Any members that wish to contribute their knowledge and ideas and participation in our fund investment process will be able to do so.  The combined input of our members likes and dislikes as well as forecasts on what products they will support should give  our funds additional competitive edge in the investment marketplace.  We will invest in products and industries our members will support… that’s our hedge. We provide the opportunity for even the most skeptical of individuals to get answers if they chose to just ask the questions and to participate.  One of the main principles behind Group Common Knowledge is individual skepticism.  Outspoken skeptics are needed to make the process as transparent as possible.

How secure will the ShopCostFree™ sites be regarding identity theft of your uAward Account?

ShopCostFree Corporation will utilize its patent pending endless sequence ID process to establish unique identifiers that are specific and remain specific to each member.   Social security numbers will not be utilized except as required by law when commission checks and uAwards are payable.  Currently all payments for funding products, books & t-shirts are accepted through our direct PayPal links.

Does Cost Free Economics™ really provide for the return of the entire cost of a ShopCostFree™ Purchase made  through ShopCostFree.com and its sites, retailers/service providers and affiliates.

Yes, the mission of our project is to utilize the patent pending process of Cost Free Economics™ to sponsor a credit & debit card program to convert all eligible consumer spending by eligible members utilizing the patent pending method of Cost Free Economics™ into consumer savings and return the entire amounts, Dollar for Dollar™ back to the consumer through their individual YouAward Fund Account at a future date.  Your Future uAward Account will  be secured by Bonds and other Securities and investments as tabulated by year per our Cost Free Economics™ patent pending process.  How’s that for securing Dollar for Dollar Savings™  and a lifetime of  spending with real assets.  Our goal is to provide real consumer retirement financial security.  Spend more, Live Better, Get Richer… with evey dollar you spend costfree™

How is this economically possible?

Cost Free Economics™ is a simple patent pending process that is specifically engineered to accomplish this exact  result, the return of the entire purchase amount spent by a consumer on any cost free™ purchase at a future date.  It provides the means for the secured savings and return of these amounts.  The mathematics of this type of economic transaction has been proven by Warren Buffett himself in a single massive $400 Million Dollar transaction.  We can comfortably state that it is proven up to any single $400 Million Dollar consumer purchase or transaction.  Most individual consumer purchases will not exceed that amount.  However, though no larger single amount has been proven in an actual transaction to our knowledge our computer calculations show that there is no limit to the actual size that can be made Cost Free™ utilizing Cost Free Economics™.   We anticipate most consumer purchases to not test Warren Buffet’s already established sizeable transaction, however we will be ready to make any consumer purchase through ShopCostFree.com a Cost Free™ transaction no matter the size.  Detailed explanation can be found in our books. ShopCostFree.com has developed the method to ultimately centralize and convert the assets of the Internet Economy to consumer value and benefits.  We plan to concentrate our project investment income with income generated from our various Internet Products and Services projects along with utilizing the Cost Free Economics™ Patent Pending Process to Fund and deliver Consumer Benefits to our members. In time, we will develop a Cost Free™ alternative to every conceivable Internet Service and Retail Product consumers will want or need.  You will find the Cost Free Economic™ process innovative as well as mathematically and economically sound.  Order the books from our T-Shirts and Books tab on the menu on left and become a Cost Free™ Advocate soon!  

Why hasn’t this been done before by any major retailer?

Since the dawn of civilization, service and product suppliers have offered discounts and savings to their customers so returning a part of the purchase price to the consumer is not new.  Many retailers have adopted the madding program of mail-in-rebates by which the retailer entices the consumer with the promise of a rebate but the retailer knows that the complications of executing the mail-in-rebate will prevent many consumers from getting their rebate.  I’m sure most consumers have been a victim of this type of rebate and now realize most retailers offering mail-in-rebates have no interest in the welfare of the consumer...if they did the rebate would be at the register. There are also many discounts and rewards plans in existence today utilized by everyone from airlines to retailers to banks and credit cards...however, until now no one has devised a method to convert your total spending to Dollar for Dollar™ effortless mandatory savings.  The patent pending process to convert total spending to savings and return the entire amount, Dollar for Dollar™, back to the consumer through ShopCostFree.com.  Join now and help spread the word… It’s Your Future!  Together, We Actually Can Fix The Financial Crisis.

What can I do to help the project?

Many celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Bono, U2, Steven Spielberg, Michael Jordan, Beyonce, Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks, Paul McCartney, Tyra Banks, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ophrah to name just a few are all active in using their celebrity to help change the world. If you know or represent a celebrity, athlete, or other high-profile individual interested in teaming with CostFree.org to truly help eliminate poverty and save the world’s children please contact us at webmaster@CostFree.org. Order T-shirts and wear them proudly.  Be a vocal Cost Free™ Advocate!  Your interest in your future will determine how quickly we reach our project objectives. (See our Overview page) Order the project books and educate yourself  on Cost Free Economics™ and become an expert on the process.  Learn how the process works in detail. When you register,  become a Marketing Associate.  Make  additional income as you pass the word and enroll new free members.  With new members you help bring about the reality of Cost Free Economics™.  Submit suggestions and questions to be answered here.  Become a Cost Free™ Advocate now, subscribe as a premium founders member!  Pass the word to friends and family and help establish local chapters of CostFree.org.  Get a minimum of two people to join the project within the first month that also enroll two more new members and so on.  This will give us a global  maximum membership within one year.  Remember, its Cost Free™.  We need to educate individual consumers, business and political leaders as well as celebrities to the powerful economic force we have created here.  We need their endorsements and input to help change the world, end poverty and provide consumer benefits as we support our economy and increase tax revenues.  The more people that educate themselves to Cost Free Economics™,  question and test its principles and recognize its reality, the sooner we will reach our goal to change the world. 

How does Cost Free Economics™ help stop Terrorism?

Today’s terrorism is primarily sponsored by radical fundamentalists that need our designation of a war to legitimize their criminal activity as acts of soldiers.  They depend on an endless supply of poverty stricken converts who are without means and hope in this world.  To these poverty stricken the enticements of early heavenly rewards are much more attractive then the realties of their current existence.  The poverty that they have lived and experienced with their families is endless and their only hope for a better existence comes through radical means and heavenly rewards.  By reducing and eliminating poverty we will reduce the numbers of easily converted young and reduce the ranks of terror to the base criminal element  that can be dealt with for what they are...criminal gangs.  There really should be no need for a war on terrorism giving these criminals the  distinction of being soldiers for a cause.  Help reduce them to what they are... a criminal element that law enforcement can deal with.  Without global poverty to help it expand endlessly, global terrorism gradually is eliminated.  This is the only true lasting solution to modern day fundamentalist driven terrorism.  Help end it now!  Remember...insurgencies can go on endlessly as long as there are new followers to fill the ranks.  For perspective, the conflicts of the crusades lasted hundreds of years and seem to have never ended, the Irish and English conflict lasted over 700 years and still simmers today, the border war between China and Vietnam lasted over 900 years.  The Korean situation has lasted over 50 years and the Vietnam conflict of recent history extended over thirty years.  In less than that time span we can radically change the economics of the world with Cost Free Economics™.  We can’t fight the fight, that is the responsibility of our government,  our law enforcement and our brave troops whom we are all indebted to.  However, we can help reduce the ranks of poverty drastically and so reduce the ranks of terror.  Instead of just fighting bullets with bullets lets unleash our most powerful weapon against terrorism and fundamentalism.  Unleash Cost Free Economics™  and The Gift of Privilege™ and change the world.  Do your part and pass the word!

Can Cost Free Economics™ realistically convert even gambling losses  and entertainment spending into savings?

The more you play the more you save™  Wow...Casinos where you Win or Save  BUT NEVER LOSE!  Yes, even gambling expenditures and loses through Cost Free Economics™ can be converted to mandatory savings so you will have a new way to save for your future...casino banking :)  Only through Cost Free Economics™ could even gambling loses become part of a lifetime savings plan and no longer a vice.  How about investment gambling like stocks, options and currency trading. Imagine That!  Not just gambling but any entertainment expenditure made through Cost Free Economics™ become savings.  This is not wishful thinking but mathematical reality.  You can help make it possible.  It really is the greatest project of all time.  Imagine converting entertainment that people enjoy into savings...that would put a big dent into the current reality of a negative savings rate in America.  We don’t know about you but everyone we have interviewed has expressed their wish that Cost Free Economics™ had been in place when they had started a lifetime of spending...they were all depressed realizing those amounts will not be tabulated to their Future Fund.  But Wait...Lots of Marketing Associates will be able to recover as much and more by just enrolling new consumer members and introducing them to Cost Free Economics™...its up to you. We will all have to join forces now as we accept the reality that even world changing innovations have to start some place.  Cost Free Economics™starts with you for you, your family and the children you love... and the best time to start is now!

Why is it important on a national level to innovatively increase individual savings and tax revenues effortlessly?

A recent report by the U.S. Department of Commerce detailed the fact that Americans are not saving for the future at all.  In fact 2005 was the first time since The Great Depression of 1932 and 1933 that Americans spent more than they earned and then dipped into savings as well. Through Cost Free Economics™ all Americans  will be able to convert all their daily spending to effortless, mandatory savings while they are spending on the things they need as well as just enjoy.  In time our goal is to provide the majority if not all goods and services a consumer might want Cost Free™.   Our goal is to take consumers from a zero saving base to close to 100 per cent.  This will painlessly create a great increase in tax revenues.  Cost Free Economics™ has arrived at a vital time in our country’s financial history.  The economic benefits Cost Free Economics™ represents is enormous.  As a nation we must work to spread its broad deployment...because if we don’t and the Euro Union or China and the rest of the world embrace it first, then America could easily drop from its position of global financial leadership. 

Can you be older and still realize benefits through Cost Free Economics™  and ShopCostFree.com?

Yes, the newest data collected indicates that most Americans believe they will live well into their 80’s.  Even older consumers have greater expectation of extended lives and will be able to benefit from Cost Free Economics™ .  The future is there for all to enjoy...the smart move is to take advantage of the Cost Free™  process and start growing your Future Fund as soon as possible. Remember, every member is a marketing associate and can start earning immediate monthly income by marketing and enrolling new members. This income opportunity is limited only by the marketing associates own efforts not age.                

 Will other companies or retailers ever be able to offer Cost Free™ products or services? 

Yes, we will not hoard this innovative economic process but will instead make it open to sellers to quickly expand the Cost Free™ Universe for the benefit of all consumers.  We hope to soon launch our CostFreeBanker.com online paysite to allow for Cost Free Purchasing of all products.  Be vocal, contact retailers and demand Cost Free Economics™, and they will listen.  We are hard at work on establishing a Cost Free™ Certification program so qualified  companies and retailers will be able to join the project and become a Cost Free™ Affiliate Merchant.  This will certify them to utilize Cost Free Economics™  to benefit all consumers.   We will soon have a certification program established whereby even individual sellers on popular auction sites will be able to qualify as a Cost Free™ Sponsor and offer Cost Free™ goods or services through popular auction sites, classified ad sales or other methods. Soon the global seller advantage will be the Cost Free™ Affiliate Merchant Certification.  Everything from online auctions to real estate sales  to entertainment will soon benefit from Cost Free Economics™ through a pay link to CostFreeBanker.com. 

You said you will have a certification program for sellers on popular auction sites.  Would that include E-Bay sellers?

Yes,  We will make it possible for people buying and selling on E-Bay or any other site to become Cost Free™  certified and make their transactions Cost Free™.

Could Cost Free Economics™ bring back the real estate boom and keep it ever expanding?

That is to be seen but it couldn’t hurt for seller’s and real estate agents to offer cost free™ home sales where the buying consumers get the purchase price back in their Future Fund.  We can not predict all the positive effects that will come about by creating a global effortless mandatory savings process for all consumers but the economic benefits to all will be tremendous.  It is logical to assume that real estate will benefit in a big way as more people establish greater ongoing family wealth.  Remember this is the greatest project of all time!  By helping to eliminate poverty and greatly impacting the savings rate of every consumer we hope to lift entire generations from poverty and create millions of consumers with increased buying power and newly earned social responsibility.  Just imagine as we go from less then a zero savings rate and approach our goal of a 100 percent savings rate for consumers.  Cost Free Economics™ could easily stimulate the greatest social, entertainment and business growth since the industrial revolution!  Become a Cost Free™ Advocate and Marketing Associate now and help change the world as you develop a second income for yourself.  We can accomplish this overnight if everyone becomes a vocal advocate!  See the chart on our   Overview, How It Works”   page to see how quickly we can make it all happen.

What do Americans really think about aging?

The  cover of  Parade Magazine on December 11, 2005  read for an increasing  number of  Americans in  the 21st century,  life begins at 60 especially if they are not struggling with financial hardship.  According to them a recent cross-section of Americans  said they would like to live to at least 85 and 26% would  like to reach 95 or older and 43% anticipated a lifespan of 85 or older.  Furthermore,  49%  thought  that  80-year-olds  will  be  much  healthier  in  20  years  then  80-year-olds  of  today.

What  we at ShopCostFree.com know is that  only the  consumers who take advantage of  Cost Free Economics™  will have their additional lifetime of cost free™ future fund uAward savings to help make their present and  later years More Comfortable and Enjoyable.

Marketing Affiliate Enrollment Procedures:

       1) As a Marketing Affiliate you may only register new member’s through our site INVITE FUNCTION.  Log in to our site and use our sites   INVITE FUNCTION  to send invite emails that contain your imbedded  ref_ID : Always advise your friends to expect an invite & to keep the Two in Two Pledge.

       2) Use the Invite Function on our site to send an Invite E-mail to the prospective new member.  It is important to maintain this procedure if you are actively sponsoring new members for future income.  Remember this income could grow to hundreds of thousands of dollars so maintain this simple outlined Sponsor procedure.

       3) The new member will receive an e-mail informing the new member that they have been registered and they can start registering new members also.

       4)  A Sponsor is NEVER authorized to ask for or collect any social security, bank or credit card information at any time for identification or any other purpose.  Identification will be required by photo ID such as drivers license, passport, birth certificate or government ID or any other method as determined by Shop Cost Free Corporation when a members future awards are released.   Tax numbers are required when a member is eligible for a commission check before payment is issued.

Commission Eligibility Requirements:   

To maintain Marketing Affiliate Income status and commission eligibility members only need to sponsor a minimum of  (2)  free new members within the Initial thirty day period of becoming a free new Member.

Sponsoring said (2) new members within the first thirty (30) certifies your Affiliate status at the current sponsor minimum. Or use our extended certification program to sponsor (5) new free members within (6) months of the above Initial Period. during the (6) month extended certification period.  

The minimum sponsorships required may be increased for new Affiliate Marketing Members as the project grows and new minimums are posted on the Commissions Page.  Lock in your current position now!  Secure your status as quickly as you can then continue to sponsor additional new members  to grow your product sales commission income as you also Save All You Spend…  so... Secure Your Future Now with Commission Income and Shop Cost Free Economics Savings and uAwards™ !

Marketing Associate/Affiliate Levels:  

Marketing Associates can enroll unlimited new members with no restrictions and are encouraged to build their marketing group as large as possible! The more members they sponsor the greater their lifetime income should be.   Commission income is determined by the number of sponsored members and/or averaged sponsored members monthly purchases.


The Affiliate levels and categories are:


· Initial Free Membership- Always Free.  Join to Save All You Spend… and more!  Then just complete the “Two in Two” Pledge which certifies you to earn lifetime commission income & achieve retirement security. Tabulate your consumer spending to your uAwards account to spend it again!  Remember, .

· Certified Free Marketing Associate - (2) members sponsored for certification, certified as commission income eligible.





Marketing Performance Categories:

Bronze Certified Marketing Associate - (50) new sponsors or $1000+ in earned combined commissions per month

Silver Certified Marketing Associate - (100) new sponsors or $2000+ in earned combined commission per month

Gold Marketing Associate - (500) new sponsors or $5000+ in earned combined commissions per month

Diamond Marketing Associate - (1000+) new sponsors or $10,000+ in earned combined commissions per month. 


Categories will have tiered  internal rights as well as status benefits at conventions all to be announced.  Category status will be used to help determine Member Rank Factor. This internal factor is used to determine a members bonus commission share to be paid from the Combined Commission Fund each year. The Combined Commission Fund is the company fund holding accumulated combined commissions from any commissionable transactions where the commissions collected by the company can not be tracked to a specific member or account.

Info postings will be made  on our Commissions Page on all commission issues















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