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Eliminating Poverty          One Family Tree at a Time. 


Cost Free Economics™ is the only economic process engineered to eliminate poverty one family tree at a time.  It is engineered so that even the poorest of poor will be able to give The Gift of Privilege™, to their future generations, lifting them from poverty.



This is truly a thoughtful legacy that changes the world forever.   This is made possible by providing the process whereby even the poor can create and pass wealth to their future generations.  Just like the Kennedy’s, Rockefeller’s, Mellon’s and others pass  gifts of privilege for each new family generation. 



Cost Free Economics™  addresses social issues that have plagued mankind since the dawn of civilization and provides a market solution to help correct them.  In time it will reduce to a negligible level the need for governmental expenditure targeting these issues.  The burden of correcting these  conditions will in time be lifted from government.



The means to correct these problems is now made available to every individual, rich, middle class or poor.  Every individual now has the means to take full responsibility for their future generations. 



The means and method to secure your future and your future generations rests with you.

The  Greatest  Project  Of  All Time  Fights

 Terrorism By Moving To Eliminate Poverty

Global Poverty and terrorism

Win the war against Terrorism... Target Poverty.Win the war against Terrorism TARGET POVERTY Target Poverty...
stop poverty now!Shop Cost Free, Fund a safer world as you save... dollar for dollar, effortlessly!

Eliminating Poverty One Family Tree

 at a Time. 

The gift of priviledge, if they could give it to you...  they would.If they could
Secure The Future
for you they would...

Change the World

Secure Your Future

     Stop Poverty...

    Stop Terrorism!

Change the World

Secure Your Future

     Stop Poverty...

    Stop Terrorism!

Help win the war against terrorism by winning the battle against poverty!

Poverty at home and globally is the greatest threat to civility and our American values of liberty, justice and democracy.  Our freedom and way of life is now under siege. Radical fundamentalism and terrorism can only be truly defeated by eliminating poverty.  Eliminating poverty can only be accomplished with long term perpetual programs targeting all poverty.  The social-welfare approach to eliminating poverty is a band aide and does not eliminate poverty. What is clearly needed is an economic program accessible to all that is not based on charity but is based on identifiable economic rules which are clearly defined, computerized and projected into the future to eliminate lines of poverty along a family tree just like the Kennedy’s, Rockefellers and other wealthy icons structured for their families.  Through this project we can now give the poorest child the ability to give the gift of privilege to their future babies and grandchildren just like the wealthy families do…lifting themselves and their future generations from poverty one generation at a time.  The economic and social-political impact of this is enormous and not readily absorbed by the people it will benefit most. It is hoped that many who chose violence to correct social inequities would see hope in a course of social economic improvement and equality and recognize that violence is counter productive to lasting change.

Imagine Einstein and others with their revolutionary creative theories which in turn led to splitting the atom and hastening the end of World War II.  We also seek to end today’s global conflicts which if not properly addressed could expand into global disturbances of equal or greater magnitude.  Today’s global conflict has the potential to become endless as it is fueled by an endless supply of global poverty and despair.  An economic chain reaction with the impact and power of a nuclear blast in needed to wipe out the poverty breeding grounds and create fertile fields for seeds of liberty and democracy to grow.


Creative economic innovation is needed now to battle global poverty, the breeding ground of violent crime at home as well as global terrorism.  Many have already made the ultimate sacrifice at home and abroad in this rapidly unfolding drama and our prayers and eternal gratitude will always be with them.  We all would like to do our part to help deal with these threats and now everyone can. It is time to step forward to eliminate poverty!    

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Save All You SpendLet's greet our troops when they return with a 
Save All You Spend Debit & Credit Card 
So They Can Convert All Their Bills To Savings 
Meaningful Gratitude They Can Use Daily....Have All Your Friends Take Just A Minute To Join Now
They deserve our support... Everyone should help ! NATIONAL CAMPAIGN OF GRATITUDE FOR THE TROOPS
Make Veteran's Day... Everyday

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Cost Free Economics™ is a patent pending process, (US60/675,894)

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As the first consumers start receiving their accumulated Life Time Spending the economic methods of the old world will fade into economic history

The reality is that as Cost Free Economics™ becomes effortlessly available to all consumers…what logical consumer will not want to…

Save All They Spend... and more™

The One Who Says It Can't Be Done... Never Stands In The Way Of The Wave Of Those Doing It

The motivated will secure their future now with enthusiasm; the rest will join later with some remorse for having waited.

Dropped into the sea of nations, in time Cost Free Economics™ like a wave will reach all consumers.

ShopCostFree... The Greatest Discovery In Economics Since The Dawn Of CommerceHelp Eliminate Poverty and Secure Your Future...

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The Gift Of Privilege™

A thoughtful legacy that changes the world…

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An economic innovation with the impact of a nuclear blast has been developed that systematically eliminates poverty one family tree at a time as it secures the future of our own children.  You, the consumer, are the first splitting atom …the start of the chain reaction that results in the economic impact of a nuclear blast...just engage two new consumers in the project and the ongoing dissemination of information and knowledge will change our world and secure your future and your children’s future.


We as people working together globally virtually eliminated polio and smallpox globally to name a few great successes.  Now poverty, the most difficult social problem of mankind can be resolved through a simple economic process.  The benefits we develop with this economic innovation that eliminates poverty are for you the consumer…you have earned them.


Change The World Within Months, See Overview Page!

This project is dedicated to all the men and women who have made the supreme sacrifice for our nation as well as those who have suffered injury in its service both home and abroad.

To Those That Served, We Salute You!

We are developing a Disabled and Fallen Hero Sponsor Program through our

Marketing Associate Program to help benefit these hero’s and their family's.

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The Gift Of Privilege™


A thoughtful legacy that changes the world…


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