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 Project Overview… see the math & economics basics  

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Why Join This ProjectTop Ten  reasons why consumers join this  

                                Project to be Shop Cost Free Economics™ Advocate’s.


1) Save All You Spend The number one main reason to join today… You really can 

save all you spend… let it sink in. This extraordinary economic principle changes global economics and allows you to secure your financial future with your daily spending! It’s the main reason to join.  Why spend any other way? It’s just common sense to save all you spend if you can.


2) Save All You Spend…and more!  Yes,  so we already listed this as number one but we just can’t stop repeating our slogan. This is such an extraordinary world changing economic discovery, we’ll just list it twice... Nobel Peace Prize stuff... you think?  Well, how about learning to save all you spend from Casino’s and gaming to Rock Concert’s… Dining to dating, gasoline to travel and lodging… it’s all up to you.      It’s just Common Sense… Why Spend Any Other Way? 

The financial Golden Rule is, “The one with the Gold makes The Rules”… Remember, all the “gold” comes from the consumer… you control the gold so learn to make the rules.  The Rich are different, they live by this Golden Rule… it’s time you learned to do the same!  WE Pay You To Save… Why spend any other way… It’s just common sense.  SAVE ALL YOU SPEND TODAY… so you can spend it again!   This is not politics… this is just economics you can’t ignore. 

                                         This is a movement  that  pays you to join! 

3) Strengthen The Economy  Spend more now, you’ll need the money later...  Help your government and business build perpetual growth in a strong economy.  With Cost Free Economics™ the more you spend the more you save.  This is a two fold event because your increased spending builds a perpetually stronger economy as your own personal savings goes from less than Zero  percent savings, which is now the national average according to the commerce department to 100 per cent savings…                                            Together we can correct a lot of social problems that effect us all and our families!                                             


4) Help Save Social Security!  Cost Free Economics ™  provides an effortless means for government to painlessly double and even triple tax revenues… major new tax revenue is needed to fix social security and healthcare.   Be patriotic, this isn’t politics its about making the country strong and secure, growing our economy, saving jobs and breaking our dependence on foreign oil nations as we also make a greener future!


5) Help Save Jobs! Cost Free Economics™stimulates perpetual economic growth and reduces product cost as a factor to consumers when making buying decisions so buying USA made products easier. You Save All You Spend anyway…So Be Patriotic and buy USA.      


6) Help Eliminate Poverty and Stop Terrorism!  By Saving All We Spend and creating higher standards of living for everyone


7) Help Reduce The Need For Government Social Programs  Now that everyone can Save All They Spend, there is no excuse for needing governmental assistance later in life.  This is a market economic solution to most pressing and growing social issues we face.  We can impact health care cost problems and most social problems with  the higher standards of living we can create.


8) Provide Financial Security For You and The Future.  Secure your financial future and the future of your family!  You can secure their future by teaching them to Save All They Spend now.    Teach them to end up with a lifetime of savings.  You Have To Choose To Build wealth!


9) Earn Effortless Income.  Make an effortless lifetime commission income as a Marketing Associate  while socializing and having fun just signing on new members.…  As a premium member you earn double lifetime income from all their eligible purchases.


10) Convert Your Bills to Savings.  Soon, you will be able to convert all your bills paid through Cost Free Economics™ to savings.  There will be no excuse to wake up in retirement  with no savings.  Be an advocate.  Society and you gets stuck with the bills of those who fail to save. Convert Bills to Savings.  Soon, you will be able to convert all your bills paid through Cost Free Economics™ to savings.  There will be no excuse to wake up in retirement  with no savings.  Be an advocate.  Remember, You get stuck with the bills of those who fail to save so keep the Signup Pledge and let’s have everyone Save All They Spend.

Consumer Hedge Fund

Compounding of Project Investments  and Interest Income grows

“Pennies  to Dollars”.  

Simply put our Hedge Fund invests micro amounts  you spend and never expect to see again.  Pennies most retailers bar you from even receiving back  are converted to  dollars totaling all your

Shop Cost Free™ spending and returned back to you as uAwards.

See examples at bottom of page

Years To Grow Interest and Yield Compounding Charts





You must wonder just how quickly we can achieve our goal to make Cost Free Economics™ based commerce available globally.  Einstein stated that the most powerful force in the universe was simple compounding.  We calculated that the simple compounding of just one member  can achieve unimaginable results.  The mathematical reality of just taking one member and having that member signup just two members the first week and each new member then does the same…they each signup only two new members the following week...  by the time we reach week 34 we would have surpassed the estimated population of the world which is about Population: 6,602,224,175 (July 2007 est.).  So after week 34 the party would begin... or we could just rest for the rest of the year :o)


Then we can begin to tackle the issues of global poverty and global warming…

Fund  social change  and  alternative  energy  through  Cost Free Economics™

Just How Quickly Can We Change Global Economics?

Shop Cost Free Economics™  Changes Your World.  Live The Future… Do You Dare!


Life’s real values, how do you gauge them?  How do you assess any feeling of value… is it money or goods… security or adventure? Real value varies and is different for each person but by and large it is divided into two categories, emotional or personal value and asset or financial value.  Real value is the personal accumulation of the things that satisfy you emotionally and asset value is your accumulation of things that maintain your financial security.


So what is real value… really.  Most people view real value as some physical asset but the truth is those are only assets… real value is what makes you happy.  You can derive real value from an asset and enjoy the comfort or satisfaction your ownership of the asset gives you but it is still only an asset until you transform it to real value with your emotional satisfaction.  It is no longer just an asset when you gain emotional satisfaction from its ownership.


For some real value includes their job for others it’s only their entertainment and for some it’s whatever comforts and makes them happy.  We have all heard the saying, “money doesn’t buy happiness”.  Having money may not be the top priority or number one real value of your life but… we all know that having plenty of money beats whatever is in second place.   So we can conclude that having enough money to cover both your real value needs and not steal from your personal asset needs would be your ultimate daily real value goal.


In life most people have to choose daily how they spend their money to counter balance the need to create asset value in their lives with the need to ENJOY the real value of their lives… by using the phrase  ENJOY the real value of their lives… I mean spending money to have or do the things that bring them personal enjoyment and personal satisfaction.


When was the last time you were able to spend freely on something that made you feel good without feeling a little guilty about wasting your money?  Remember, doing or spending on things that makes you feel good is the top real value of life… Life is short and accumulating experiences and things that make you fell good is the ultimate real value of life.


So up until now, since the dawn of mankind,  most rational people have been in daily conflict over saving for the future for that rainy day or spending today on something that made them feel great… something that they simply just liked and enjoyed.  This tug of war generally starts for most people when they first awake and lasts all day till they close their eyes to sleep.  Do I buy a latte; how about those great shoes… can I afford to go to that game or concert…  I sure would like to take so and so out to dinner and a movie….


Ahhh…  all the choices and they all give you real personal value but at the same time reduce your assets and take away from that savings you should be focused on for that rainy day.   Well get ready for world changing Cost Free Economics…  now you can do both freely….  Enjoy anything you like and as you spend your money on the things that give you real personal satisfaction and real value daily you also increase your asset value dollar for dollar with every penny you spend!   The ultimate consumer experience has been discovered and made available to you…  Now you can Save All You Spend… and more.  Enjoy life… live happy…  spend… live rich because every dollar you spend you also save.



Below Chart Demonstrates New Member Weekly Growth Potential

If Each New Member Signs Just Two Free New Members Each.  

With just a little effort our members... Can Make It Happen In Just Weeks !  Saving all you spend... to be able to spend it again is worth it.

It  is amazing but  the market  reach  of a single person that registers just two people who continue with just two new members each... very quickly encompasses all humanity….


In just weeks, 34 to be exact, the whole world can benefit from their everyday bill paying and spending and convert all their spending to savings!


As Einstein pointed out, The Most Powerful Force In The Universe is just simple compounding… and a clear visual example is in the chart at left.


Together, we… this generation can secure the future. We can help stop poverty and change the world.  Are those realities worth the effort to advocate this message to just two new members?


      We think so!

There are two mighty forces behind Cost Free Economics™ .  One  is simple compounding…  but as Einstein stated… it is the most powerful force in the universe.  Imagine that, so simple   yet  so  powerful.    We  add  to  it  our method  of  compounding  of  Everyday Consumer Spending Income Streams,   Interest Income  and  Investments.   The other overwhelming  force  is  individuality…  it  Is YOU!   Our  challenge  was  to  combine  and  channel  these  mighty  forces  through  a  project  that could merge the simple power of compounding with the uncontrollable force that drives individuality to change the world. 


We have discovered a way to utilize the basic principle of compounding to capitalize on every financial transaction we do in our daily lives. The process needed to be simple and understandable…  something we are all capable of doing individually but never seem to do or will do for any number of reasons.   It could not depend on people being “frugal and wise”… something most of us are capable of being at any time we choose...  but rarely do.  Our individuality on any given day seems to interfere with those basic principles.


So for most of us, “frugal and wise” will take a back seat to, “need or desire with a dash of instant gratification”…  a quick $5.00 latte on any given day.  Wise Confucius once said don’t fight the tide… go with the flow or... something like that... anyway the general message would be... When caught within a powerful force, don’t fight it but use it to your advantage!   We all know that if we save 10 per cent of every dollar we earn and invest it in high yield investments daily and monitor those investments daily we would  secure our future…  however that savings and investment process for most of us is unachievable for any number of reasons.  The process needed to switch the consumers focus from savings, which is restrictive ( and most of us are bad at it)  to spending which is expansive ( and most of us seem to do this well) and to be effortless, seamless and continuous in order for the majority of consumers to benefit.


What was needed was a system that could harness the overwhelming power of individuality in its variations to work in tandem with the universally powerful principle of compounding  to create an endless cycle of individual financial security and change economics and the world forever.  Launch a limitless wave of consumer spending that creates like amounts of savings and privilege and you change the future effortlessly.


The answer to the challenge of providing global consumer benefits is found in combining  various simple components: YOU the consumer,  Everyday EFFORTLESS SPENDING, Mandatory EFFORTLESS SAVING, Buying and Saving Combined in single transaction, harvest TRANSACTION COSTS and last, simple COMPOUNDING.  By combing these components  we allow consumers to enjoy today  their everyday spending and save every dollar to spend again.


Lets break down the components of this new and innovative economics principle one at a time.  This we will do here so you can see how we compress the components  into our virtual world as effortless daily activity:


YOU- - - as the consumer, can now focus on the joy of living…  learn to live life to its fullest  have fun, lots of it.  Through Cost Free Economics™, your present daily activity also secures your future.  Now the more you spend the more you save.  We are not saying to be reckless with your money just live the life you want to live knowing what you spend will be there for you and your family in retirement.  Have a fun life, it’s healthier for you.  Fun is effortless and easy to stay with, the exact opposite of going to the dentist when you know  that cavity needs filling.  Live a rich life and retire richer, by enjoying the present wisely you will in tandem secure the future.


EFFORTLESS SPENDING- - - as in enjoy spending… yeah, we all like that… guys with their gadgets… and  girls with… everything imaginable.  All commerce is dependant on spending and the great thing about our process is that we can convert spending… ANY SPENDING… to a virtue.  Yes even discretionary spending from entertainment to travel or gambling to speculative investments all can be changed from a vice to a virtue…  the virtue that discretionary spending is converted to is SAVINGS…  being that the amount spent is saved dollar for dollar to be made available again…  to be spent again when needed most. For this to work the spending process needs to remain effortless and not require things like rebate redemption and such disingenuous methods of consumer benefits that most consumers fail to follow through on.  Both the SPENDING and resulting SAVINGS must always remain FREE and  EFFORTLESS to the consumer.  There will never be a cost or action burden on the consumer to participate.


EFFORTLESS SAVING- - - as in Save all You Spend™ , our trade mark slogan that says it all… remember, this will be the first time in history that consumers can increase their future wealth with every enjoyable dollar they spend.  Even the not so enjoyable spending you do can also be converted to future savings… how about all those bills you pay?  Add up what those would total  and then add that total to everything else you spend in a lifetime... what would that mean to your children and grandchildren. Both the SPENDING and resulting SAVINGS must always remain FREE and  EFFORTLESS to the consumer.  There will never be a cost or action burden on the consumer to participate.


TRANSACTION COSTS- - - as in the effortless accumulation of a portion of each  consumer cost free™ transaction which is to be invested and compounded into a future uAward for the consumer.


COMBINE- - - as in combining consumer buying power and savings into a sizeable investment block within a single effort to better the world and secure the future consumers and their children and grandchildren effortlessly.  By combining consumer spending… the buying power of all our members we will also be able to procure the best consumer value for our members…  as we grow so will our market influence. It is difficult for consumers to maximize any savings they obtain in today's marketplace. A rebate here, a dollar or two there all just get lost or spent else where and personal savings never materialize.  We combine all the micro savings of consumers into investment portfolios and maximize financial growth with our own hedge funds and investments.  Combining micro amounts into sizeable funds will give us financial leverage in many markets all resulting in bigger yields to secure our future fund accounts.  Witness the enormous earnings  experienced year after year by the various hedge and investment funds of the extremely wealthy.  Their earnings are in the 25 to 35 per cent range and greater yearly.  Remember this… The Rich Keep Getting Richer…  there's a real invest reason behind that reality… they get higher yields then you can even imagine. Some hedge fund managers earn over a billion dollars a year…  not the fund but it’s manager imagine that.   Just calculate the yield on the Warren Buffett transaction we pointed out on our Founder’s Intro Page.  His fund made effortless millions with it transaction… the yield was in the 1000’s per cent.    As a practical matter we realize that we will not achieve the yields in Mr. Buffett’s  transaction … let’s be real, he is Warren Buffett.  However with a little effort we will be able to achieve or better the yields of the well managed hedge funds… the digital world we now live in provides the tools and technology to reach those yield’s rather simply and securely.   Computer programs now exist that can duplicate the yields from your choice of the best funds, something the individual consumer can not do but our funds will.


COMPOUNDING- - - as in Einstein state’s that the most powerful force in the universe is compounding…  Yes, compounding is the final component… the financial ingredient we apply in various ways throughout our invention…  we compound consumer self interest, consumer desire for enjoyment and entertainment.  We compound  consumer buying power in the market place and we compound not just interest income but we will also compound our project investment streams, targeting the highest achievable yields for our members.       

Welcome to Cost Free Economics™ and  A Limitless Portal to fun, entertainment and savings.

It’s that Simple.  Converting all your life spending to life savings is all up to you!


To see how basic numbers are applied in  our process you can go to a Financial Calculator to determine basic numbers for yourself on the net like we did below.   If you insert the  numbers in the below examples  you  will  see  the  basics as a demonstration of how  many  Years to Grow  and  what  Growth Rate  yield is  required  for a  Present Value  of  3 per cent  or 3 cents per dollar ( the minimum percentage of  transaction cost  we will target to accumulate from a cost free™ transaction) to grow  the Future Value to 100 percent ( the future uAward amount of a cost free™ transaction ).     Our Present Value per transaction amount will fluctuate between a low of 3% (3 cents per dollar) to a high of 90%.  Our target minimum is 5%.  We will achieve lower  Years to Grow for  uAward payment dates as we successfully increase our yield by combining our various income margins and income streams to increase the average amounts invested. 


Examples below are computed using only the target minimum 5 percent of a transaction cost invested & compounded showing years and yield needed.

Numbers below computed using

Just How Is The Math Of Shop Cost Free Economics™  Possible?

Text Box:

Consumer Members


Enter Merchant Stores  And

Makes purchases

With Our Debit or Credit Card


Soon as we

reach our goal of

Free Members

needed to launch our card service all

Products & Services 

will be available

To Our Members 

Cost Free™


Save All You Spend… Why Shop Any Other Way?


It’s Just Common Sense !

Transaction and

Affiliate Income

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Shop Cost Free


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Members Account

Shop Cost Free



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Project Earns Affiliate


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Search, Ads & other Revenues

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Merchant Stores

Save All You Spend Through  Einstein's Power Of Compounding ! 

The Total Amount of  A Cost Free Economics ™ Transaction Is Returned To The Consumer From Our Compounding Income Streams



Affiliate Income




Flow Chart of Patent Pending Shop Cost Free Economics™ Transactions

Text Box:              
A 55 Year Investment Cycle

 Present Value $     5 cents

 Future Value   $     1 dollar

 Years to Grow         55

   Calculated Needed Yield

Growth Rate 5.60%
Text Box:              
A 50 Year Investment Cycle

 Present Value $     5 cents

 Future Value   $     1 dollar

 Years to Grow          50

   Calculated Needed Yield

 Growth Rate 6.17%
Text Box:              
A 45 Year Investment Cycle 

 Present Value $     5 cents

 Future Value   $     1 dollar

 Years to Grow          45

    Calculated Needed Yield

 Growth Rate 6.88%
Text Box:              
A 40 Year Investment Cycle

 Present Value $      5 cents

 Future Value   $      1 dollar

 Years to Grow         40

   Calculated Needed Yield

 Growth Rate 7.78%

Text Box:              
A 35 Year Investment Cycle

 Present Value $    10 cents

 Future Value   $     1 dollar

 Years to Grow          35

   Calculated Needed Yield

 Growth Rate 6.80%

Text Box:              
A 30 Year Investment Cycle

 Present Value $     10 cents

 Future Value   $      1 dollar

 Years to Grow          30

   Calculated Needed Yield

 Growth Rate 7.98%

Text Box:              
A 25 Year Investment Cycle

 Present Value $    10 cents

 Future Value   $     1 dollar

 Years to Grow         25

  Calculated Needed Yield

 Growth Rate  9.65%

Text Box:              
A 20 Year Investment Cycle

 Present Value $    10 cents

 Future Value   $     1 dollar

 Years to Grow         20

  Calculated Needed Yield

 Growth Rate 12.20%

Text Box: Our Target Final Investment Cycle will be the 15 Year Investment Cycle exampled below.  We will establish a compounding of income and investment streams to achieve the necessary pooled yield from our funds that would allow for uAwards to be returned on a final targeted 15 year cycle in the future.   By combining our affiliate income from each Cost Free™  transaction  which will range from 3 percent to 90 percent depending on the product with other pooled income such as adsense advertising income.  As we average in our transaction income which ranges from  3 % to 90 %,  the needed yield will drop with each increase in our Total Average Transaction  Income (Present Value In the charts)   
 This averaging method is a proprietary component of our patent pending Cost Free Economics™  Process.
As we increase our Average  Transaction  Income the Growth Rate Yield needed to secure our consumers uAward Future Value payment drops.
Text Box:              
15 Year Investment Cycle

 Present Value $    10 cents

 Future Value   $    1 dollar

 Years to Grow          15

   Calculated Needed Yield

 Growth Rate  16.59%

Text Box:              
15 Year Investment Cycle

 Present Value $     20 cents

 Future Value   $     1 dollar

 Years to Grow          15

   Calculated Needed Yield

 Growth Rate 11.33%
Text Box:              
15 Year Investment Cycle

 Present Value $    50 cents

 Future Value   $    1 dollar

 Years to Grow         15

  Calculated Needed Yield

 Growth Rate 4.73%

Text Box:              
15 Year Investment Cycle

 Present Value $     90 cents

 Future Value   $     1 dollar

 Years to Grow         15

Calculated Needed Yield

 Growth Rate Less Then 1%

It’s All Up To You…  It’s Free and The Math and Economics Are Simple

We Fund Your Consumer Hedge Fund

We Pay You To Save… But You Determine Your Future


Imagine, you can convert even gaming and entertainment costs to savings!



You may be beautiful… but you’re not stupid… Save All You Spend !

Example Years To Grow Interest and Yield Compounding Charts

The Greatest Innovation
In Economics 
The Dawn Of CommerceTM

Our project affiliate income from merchants is deposited into Hedge Fund & compounded with other revenue & investment streams for  future return of the total transaction amounts to members in

Yearly Payouts

A Lifetime of Spending Converted to

Member uAwards

uAward Payments

        Are Released

           By Hedge Fund as

              Yearly Tabulations

                  Reach  Invested


          uAward Payments

     Returned to Member

      In Yearly uAwards


Member  Pays



with our debit or credit card

Calculate For Yourself

See How Cost Free Economics™  Works 


Click  the  Financial Calculator   link  at right to see Time & Interest Rate determine how One Dollar can become One Hundred Dollars.  It’s Up To You, The math is simple and proved.  You Must Join & Spend…  We Do The Rest!

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