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While you enjoy your coffee break  tell your colleagues and friends about the greatest project of all time.


If everyone registers just two consumers the whole world will be marching to eliminate terrorism and poverty this generation and our goals will be met. We will be remembered as the generation that changed humanity!


Together we can make it  happen!

Free global Consumer hedge fund

What you spend through Cost Free Economics™  you get to spend again…

We fund your participation, Imagine That…  Double Your Lifetime Income Effortlessly


What is most important for each consumer to remember is the unique critically distinguishing factor of our Consumer Hedge Fund from all other hedge funds globally. The distinguishing factor here is that it is a Free No Cost Fund to the consumer.  We completely fund our members participation in this Consumer Hedge Fund and all of our investment funds. By applying the innovative economics of our patent pending Cost Free Economics™ process with investment discipline we fund our members participation in our NO COST Global Hedge Fund for Consumer Retirement Security.

An account number to your Global Internet Future Fund Account will be issued and emailed to the email address you specified during the registration process.  This will be your permanent Internet Future Fund Account Number.  Treat it like you would your bank account or social security number, it will represent an equal or far greater value to you. Become an automatic millionaire by spending.

Register each member of your family from 18 years old to the eldest in their name.  The young under 18 years old can be registered under a parental/guardian registration.  That  will give them a head start through their parents early registration.  Even the elderly will be able to benefit and leave The Gift of Privilege™, to their grandkids and great grandchildren. Yes, the same gift of privilege that the wealthy passed to their future generations you now will be able to pass to yours.  Remember all members can also earn additional income as Marketing Associates. This income could be enormous as it is only limited by your new enrollment efforts and shop online advocacy. 

Future Fund amounts will be secured and guaranteed with securities such as US Treasury Bonds and other securities and investments that will be used to secure the return of your Shop Cost Free™ spending and make your uAward funds available once again after their Future Date completing the Cost Free Economics™ transactions.  Your uAward Account is not a bank or savings account or security but instead is the tabulation of your eligible Shop Cost Free Economics™ purchases  to be made available to you as a consumer loyalty reward.  This privilege to be monetized on or after your Future Date as uAwards. Tabulated uAward Future Fund amounts will be secured by Bonds and other Securities and investments as tabulated by year per our Cost Free Economics™ patent pending process.  Imagine, lifetime consumer spending converted to Dollar for Dollar Savings™ secured with real assets providing real consumer financial security and a perpetually stable national economy.   Full banking & credit card services to consumers through their Future  Fund are planned for  the  near  future as well.

How’s That For Securing A Lifetime Of Spending With Solid Real Assets

Our goal is to be able to provide full banking and credit card services to consumers through their Future Fund in the near future. You can make it happen soon then later!

All eligible monetary expenditures you make through ShopCostFree.com, its partners or affiliates will be tabulated as Dollar for Dollar Savings™ and posted to your uAward life savings amount.                

            Soon We Will Grow Our Funds Through Ordinary Everyday Consumer Spending

it's your move!Make it possible within just months...Text Box: What Makes It All Financially Possible?  We automatically index spending to savings through our FREE Hedge Fund with compounding income streams.
Your link to Free Participation in the only free GLOBAL CONSUMER HEDGE FUND…  We Fund member participation!
We pledge to build multiple income streams to fund your uAwards.  You keep your pledge… we will keep ours. We totally fund your uAwards account with compounding income streams.  Our HEDGE is you… we invest in products you support! Since the dawn of barter, all commerce had transaction costs.  A new form of transaction costs has developed in the New Age Economy of today… it is known as affiliate fees.  We automatically harvest affiliate fees, search & click income that you the consumer would never see and combine these income streams in our hedge fund with our other compounding income streams to award the consumer with their lifetime of spending to spend again when they will need it most. YOU DO HAVE TO JOIN TO SPEND AGAIN… But it’s all free.   We also provide affiliate income to all our members too!  Together we will make “The  Greatest  Project  of  All  Time” a global  reality that will change global economy and transform consumer commerce... To New Age Economics!  We can do it… Within Just A Few Months! 
   It’s up to you... You Can Really Change The World!  Join The Greatest Grassroots Movement Ever 
                                 Bring Economics Into The Digital Age… Teach The World To Index All Spending To Savings
Our base of products, services and providers will grow rapidly as our membership base is populated.  In time everyone will recognize the importance of Cost Free Economics™ and all its positive attributes to everyone from consumer to business to Government. When are tagget membership goal is reached we will be  launch our debit/credit card and bill payer system.  Then all our members globally will be able to Save All They Spend ™ …  we can reach this goal in just weeks…  We need to reach our initial free member goal of five million members.  Keep the Two in Two Pledge.  This goal is easily achievable.  Just get all your friends to join.
From dinning out to buying an auto, from purchasing gas to paying for insurance we will bring you a Cost Free™ Solution that will turn your expenditure into a savings.  Imagine traveling and vacationing as you save, enjoying sporting events  or concerts knowing that the money you just spent will return to you in the future when you need it most.  How about trying your hand at a Casino where you never lose… where you only win or save. How about converting to solar power panels and help fight global warming Cost Free™ .  This is the future of Cost Free Economics™ and the soon to be realized promise of your uAward Future Fund… Change Your World Today !  Become an automatic millionaire by saving all you spend daily. Wealth building through spending is the future of economics.
This project is dedicated to all the men and women who have made the supreme sacrifice for our nation
 as well as those who have suffered injury in its service both home and abroad.
To Those That Served, We Salute You!
We are developing a Disabled and Fallen Hero Sponsor Program through our  
 Marketing Associate Program to help benefit these hero’s and their family's.
Change The World Within Just Months,      See Overview Page!
we fund your account and Your Future !Consumer Investment Hedge Fund...Debt far surpassed terrorism as the greatest concern of an
overwhelming  majority  of Americans  in  this  recent poll.

Layoffs, corporate downsizing, a bad economy, the negative National Savings rate... There is no such thing as job security anymore. Even a masters degree is no guarantee that you will have adequate retirement savings.  That's why people are flocking to the Internet in droves to secure against debt and find their fortunes and future financial security there.

Consider this National Headline…


According to a recently reported survey in the Washington Post dated July 21, 2006…. “there is something that the average American fears more than being a victim of terrorist attack or a natural disaster — debt.”






Consumer Commerce Generates Hundreds of Billions of Dollars Each Year In Profits.


· isn’t it time to share those consumer generated profits responsibly…meaning you get back a fair share...How about all you spend and more?

· isn’t it time for you the consumer to be rewarded … with consumer benefitsyou earned them.

· Isn’t it time for you to share in the wealth you create… or do you want to just build their wealth and not yours?

· isn’t it time for you to no longer have to be concerned about your financial security.  


Cost Free Economics™  is  engineered   to  provide  for your  secure future  as  it

strengthens the national economy and helps stop poverty and terrorism globally.     


· Have fun networking like you do now just network on Cost Free™ sites too.

· Do the things you like as you earn a great marketing associate income...promote Cost Free™ shopping and earn a unlimited effortless income.

· Pay for college or earn a great income to travel the world care free...Cost Free Economics™ delivers...even as you sleep.


Save All You Spend™ and more...It’s Just Common sense

Just a simple choice...Build Their Wealth Or Yours


Those that don’t choose to enjoy their money a second time...WON”T… it’s that simple.  The choice is... build their wealth or yours.

As members start enjoying their lifetime of spending as savings the ones that failed to make the right choice will only have regrets.

Debt Worry Tops TerrorismYour Portion Of The National Debt Is at
$35,000.00... who will pay... You Will !
Live a better life with a secure future through
Save All You Spend EconomicsTMWouldn't It Be Better To Save It As 
You Pay It... You Already Know You Will Pay It Some Way...

Gaming For a Cause

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Games of Skill… Not Gambling

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The Economic Revolution

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Cost Free Economics™ is a patent pending process, (US60/675,894)

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As the first consumers start receiving their accumulated Life Time Spending the economic methods of the old world will fade into economic history

The reality is that as Cost Free Economics™ becomes effortlessly available to all consumers…what logical consumer will not want to…

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The One Who Says It Can't Be Done... Never Stands In The Way Of The Wave Of Those Doing It

The motivated will secure their future now with enthusiasm; the rest will join later with some remorse for having waited.

Dropped into the sea of nations, in time Cost Free Economics™ like a wave will reach all consumers.

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