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Consider this National Headline…        A New Model For Getting Rich Online Investors Not Needed, Just a Site With Ads

This article was by Yuki Noguchi, Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, July 28, 2006.  Below are quotes from the article.


“For hundreds of thousands of people, the dream of making an Internet fortune works like this, earn pennies at a time…place advertisements on a personal or small-business Web page.”


 “A decade ago, the Internet dream was to score through venture-capital financing and by raising cash in public stock offerings. Now, people with creative ideas can get rich relatively quickly by permitting advertisers to piggyback on any Web site that attracts a lot of viewers. Technology can direct ads to more and more specific audiences, rewarding entrepreneurship on the smallest scale -- even Web pages filled with obscure and homemade content.”


"We have a segment of customers called hopeful hobbyists" who have Web sites devoted to anything they might care about, from crochet to sailing, and who hope to eventually make enough money to quit their day jobs, said Willan Johnson, vice president of Yahoo Publisher Network..”


Various examples of success quoted from article follow:

· “Two 20-year olds in Louisville, say they collect $100,000 a month from their year-old site.”

· One “started making the equivalent of an entry-level government worker's salary -- $30,000 to $40,000 a year -- simply because people clicked on ads.”

· “One couple blogged about their home reconstruction and made money to help pay the mortgage on their new house.”

· Another said “he used the money his Web site made on ads... for new online ventures”









Consumer Commerce Generates





of Billions of




Each Year In



Consider this... You Can Change The World As You Change Your Future

A New Economic Model  For Correcting Social Security, Poverty and Building     Our National Economy… build wealth through your normal daily spending.

A Gold Rush
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If you’re intimidated at the thought of creating a  network… do yourself a favor. Take a look now at your INVITE function    on YOUR SITE PAGES.  First join free and login.. This quick and simple site building function is all you need to  optimize your income as you help build “The Greatest Project of All Time”. 

Click on the  INVITE   tab and send your invites out daily!!

Cost Free Economics™ is the only economic process engineered to eliminate poverty one family tree at a time.  It is engineered so that even the poorest of poor will be able to give “The Gift of Privilege”, to their future generations, lifting them from poverty.


This is truly a thoughtful legacy that changes the world forever.   This is made possible by providing the process whereby even the poor can create and pass wealth to their future generations.  Just like the Kennedy’s, Rockefeller’s, Mellon’s and others pass  gifts of privilege for each new family generation. 


Cost Free Economics™ addresses social issues that have plagued mankind since the dawn of civilization and provides a market solution to help correct them.  In time it will reduce to a negligible level the need for governmental expenditure targeting these issues.  The burden of correcting these  conditions will in time be lifted from government.


The means to correct these problems is now made available to every individual, rich, middle class or poor.  Every individual now has the means to take full responsibility for their future generations.  The means and method to secure your future and your future generations rests with you.





ShopCostFree.com seeks self-motivated and energetic people to promote the benefits of consumer access to a worldwide marketplace.  Be able to set your own schedule, generate your own member enrollments to our free membership organization.  Then continue to promote member buying of products and services through our shopping site and our affiliates.  Hours are flexible and the opportunity is unlimited.  Perfect opportunity for students just entering the real world of  employment having the need to earn funds to pay for their college years and beyond, a little effort today produces effortless income for a lifetime.  Think of those huge college loans you can eliminate.   Also anyone seeking a career change or supplemental retirement income will find this an opportunity that can provide ongoing financial security.  Remember, all consumer enrollments you make are lifetime memberships and generate lifetime income to you and your family. The individual consumer may only be enrolled onceOur marketing associate that enrolls that consumer Earns Commission Income from eligible purchases made from our shopping site or our affiliates for the lifetime of that sponsored member.   The products and services available to the consumer are already unlimited and will continue to grow.  Our goal is to make our Shopper’s Mall  the destination shopping gateway for the majority of consumers and online shopping.

Next America Top Model Contest.  Yes, I want everything I buy to be Cost Free... and an income too!Yes... I want 
I Buy To Be
Cost Free...  
and an income too!ShopCostFree.comTMLifetime Effortless Income
As You Save All You Spend


Achieve Financial Independence

As a Free Certified Marketing Associate


Join a proven system that can work for anyone. We make available a simple marketing opportunity based on real consumer sales.   The best part is that there is   NO RISK or FEE”S   associated  with  joining  this program.  There has never been an income and financial security opportunity like the one introduced here!  We have implemented this program because we would like as many consumers as possible to earn an effortless income from our worldwide consumer project.  Commission rates and schedules and updates will be posted here on our Project Details section on the Commissions page.    We would like to be able to deploy as much income as possible to consumers who chose to make an income marketing the greatest project of all time.  We need you as much as you need our ability to provide you with an effortless income.  We can help you achieve your financial goals, and ultimately financial independence as you effortlessly pass the word of our project building the largest worldwide consumer marketing organization.  Get involved and help change the world as you secure your financial future.  Work from home or in addition to your present job.  With a little effort you can establish and secure a real, independent financial future for you and your family.  There is no limit to your potential income and it is effortless as you enroll eligible consumers to our free worldwide consumer organization.


What is Our Program?

Become a Shop Cost Free Economics™ Advocate.  Our Membership Levels are both free and  commission income eligible and uAward  secured..  Commission rates and schedules and updates will be posted here on our Project Details section on the Commissions page.    The two free membership levels are as follows: Initial Marketing Associate and Certified Marketing Associate, it’s that simple.  Our Program is a simple marketing opportunity made available to any consumer that would like to earn a living as a Project Marketing Associate enrolling consumers into our free worldwide consumer organization teaching consumers to index spending to savings.  Our Marketing Associate’s can Save All They Spend and earn a effortless commission income on all commissionable purchases made by any consumer that the Marketing Associate has enrolled into our grassroots movement as well as have an equal commission share in a total affiliate commission fund,  see our Commission’s Page for updates.  There is no fee to become a Certified Marketing Associate, just keep the member pledge.  When consumers enroll as a initial Marketing Associate (the initial registration), it to is also free.  Upon enrolling as a Marketing Associate you are issued a User Name & Marketing Associate ID Code composed of a series of numbers and/or letters. Your ID is referenced to every consumer membership you directly enroll.  This income program offers continued Effortless Lifetime Commissions to you on all commissionable purchases made by the consumers you enroll for the lifetime of that consumer, as long as the Account ID Code remains active and until that Account ID Code has been deactivated by us.  There are no fee’s associated with building your lifetime marketing network.  Just submit your information and become a Marketing Associate,  It’s FreeStart earning  from every purchase that consumers you enroll make as well as participate in our total  Commission Fund.   Your income is only limited by the number of eligible consumers you enroll, the direct marketing and sales you make and the rate at which our social shopping network grows.  It’s a big, big world.


How do I make money?

Making money with our Program is simple. Once you have enrolled with us and been issued your membership user name you can immediately start enrolling consumers using the Invite function located on most pages of our site.  You may find eligible consumers to enroll anywhere so long as they are of legal age or are enrolled by a parent or legal guardian.   At this time there are no restrictions on locality, you are open to enroll consumers either in your local area, or anywhere you choose. When you enroll an eligible consumer, we will issue them a permanent membership Account ID Code permanently linked to you & your group.  Monitor your networks growth and help promote Shop Cost Free Economics™ shopping.  Receive any commissions due to you  from sales.  All associate income is commission earned from eligible consumer purchases as determined by Shop Cost Free and/or its affiliates.  You will earn commissions from two income streams.  A combined participation commission from non-assigned income earned by our shopping site and a specific commission from eligible purchases made by members you directly enroll.  This commission will be earned from all eligible purchases made by eligible members you directly enrolled  from all LIFETIME eligible purchases they make  on our shopping sites and/or from our affiliates. Commission rates and schedules and minimum requirement updates will be posted here on our Project Details section on the Commissions page.    All payments due  to Associates shall be tabulated on a maximum 90 day cycle after the commission  is earned as determined by Shop Cost Free Corporation.  Direct  Commissions shall be payable a maximum of 90 days in arrears or thereabout by  method of choice of Shop Cost Free Corporation after a minimum of $150.00 is due.  All commission income paid or tabulated to Marketing Associates will remain subject to any refunds, returns or Shop Cost Free Corporation adjustments.  You can enroll as many new members as you choose and your potential income is only limited by your enrollment effort and the combined purchases made by members you enroll.


What is my Risk?

With our program, there is no risk.  This is a win-win situation that delivers ultimate value to the consumer and an unlimited income opportunity to our Free Member Marketing Associate.  If you have been looking for financial independence, there is no better way to get started.  Use your resources on Associate Forums and our Invite Function to build your marketing network and stake your claim in the World Wide Marketplace. It’s all up to you.   It’s time to help fix the financial crisis with a individual, indexed national savings program. Secure your future while helping to change the world! Save All You Spend as you build a marketing  income  and a wireless internet network.  All membership updates will be posted here on our Project Details section on the Commissions page.   


Is there a Membership Fee or do I need any special skills?

No. There are no fee’s or special skills needed ever.  Get started with our Program now. Only  your desire to earn income, enroll consumers and introduce them to indexing spending to savings is needed.  Everything you need to know is available on our websites.  If you put in the time, effort and commitment, you will be successful and the world will be a better place!  Help build a wireless internet, help eliminate poverty and help secure your future as we provide a real market solution to the financial crisis and grow perpetual consumer driven economic stimulus to revive the national economy… with the minimum effort of inviting people you know and meet to join the Greatest Project of All Time!  Your journey to personal wealth and security and the elimination of poverty begins here.


How do I get started?
Getting started is simple. Just fill out our registration form and hit the Submit button. Once you are registered you are eligible to enroll eligible consumers using our
Invite Function and take advantage of this fast track to financial independence.  Let’s grow personal indexed savings to wealth and security for each of us as we also help our government by potentially doubling our individual  tax  contributions  effortlessly  to  help  pay  for the bailouts to our national financial crisis.   We  will  pay  it back anyway,  let’s make  it effortless through the power of  innovative economics & normal daily spending.  It’s our country and our children's future that is at stake.


If you are not convinced that this is the right opportunity for you  consider the fact that there is no pressure,  risk or  obligation when  you join this  grassroots  movement  and the  potential income becomes effortless after just enrolling new consumers as free members too.  The more consumers you enroll the greater your monthly income becomes. Make America strong again!


Build your income base as large as you choose how you choose and at your convenience.

               Be your own boss. Print up some business cards and get started now. 


Commission rates and schedules and minimum requirement updates will be posted here on our Project Details section on the Commissions page.

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Text Box: Our Affiliate Program Is The Very Best Ever Established... Promote Ultimate Consumer Value                     FACT:  This Exclusive Proprietary Economic Process Is Only Available To Our Members… and it’s Free
Affiliate ( af-fil-i-ate) Noun. Definition: A person or group who effortlessly can share in the success of the merchant.  Being an affiliate can be worth potentially tens of thousands of dollars in effortless income every month.   Possibilities are endless...
Affiliate Marketing is the hottest trend of  the Internet Age already engaging millions of everyday consumers in the evolving economics of this new era.   It is a way for consumers, our “Marketing Associate Affiliates”, to build their marketing groups.  To recommend their online group to other people for referral & social shopping, personal entertainment, social causes, politics and business.  Engage in everyday  social networking and  get compensated for it.   Enjoy creating a second career you will love while having great fun changing the world. Make Fighting Poverty & Fighting Global Warming Affordable To All As You... Save All You Spend & earn Effortless Lifetime Income.      
Affiliate Marketing Income is now an established & proven way of generating marketing income and increasing sales for merchants that has made the Internet what it is today.  Now all the giants of retail & industry use it.  Affiliate Marketing totals billions of dollars each year in income and generates huge amounts of effortless income to affiliates through simple web links.  Affiliate Marketing is based on passing portions of transaction costs as income to individuals or entities that promote or market a merchants site or product.  The consumer never sees a benefit or in most cases is ineligible or even barred from benefiting from this transaction cost income.  We believe this to be a very anti-consumer business practice.  Our patent pending process harvests just such transaction costs for the benefit of all. Our process uniquely benefits everyone from Merchant to Government and The Economy to “You The Consumer.”  We combine this affiliate income with other income streams such as internet ad’s & internet search engine revenue, in our Consumer Investment Hedge Fund to generate maximum consumer value… the return of “The Entire Amount Spent… and more.”  We effortlessly return that entire amount back to the consumer as Consumer Loyalty Awards…  
You just  JOIN FREE  and remember to keep the “Two in Two” Signup Pledge… It’s the one simple step to make this a global reality!
ShopCostFree Economics™ is patent pending & only available through our sites.  As a member affiliate you to can be a part of this great economic discovery that changes your future, the future of your family  and world.      
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Seeking Lifetime Income Or To Just Help Build The Project?


  Build A Career Making The World Better Through Normal Daily Spending

Text Box:                                                                            Free Member Levels

      Free Marketing Associate Affiliate-         Always free, just join. Save All You Spend… and more!  Sponsor new members and achieve retirement     
                                                                                       security. Recycle the consumer wealth you create to spend it again! 
      Certified Marketing Affiliate  -                 Certified Free Member status - minimum requirement is to sponsor (2) new members 
                                                                                      This makes you eligible to earn commission income through our new age economics.
Text Box: We Can Do It Within Just 34 Weeks… see Overview page !
Everyone Plans To Save… but most don’t... life gets in the way!
The Secret To Successful Saving Is To Index Spending To Savings Automatically
It Needs To Be Free, Effortless and Automatic To The Consumer 


Our Credit & Debit Card Will Automatically Do That… and more!
Grow your Future Fund Dollar for Dollar with every purchase… 
  Why spend any other way!
Soon everything you need will be Cost Free.  Grow your Future Fund dollar for dollar with every purchase... why spend any other way!Text Box: Come on, is this for real?
This is a real opportunity for real people who want to earn very real money and  Save All They Spend ™ as they help change the world.  It’s an opportunity to earn simple, lifetime effortless commissions on daily purchases. Simply enroll eligible consumers and build your lifetime income stream.  The ordinary eligible purchases they make daily generate your income flow. Commission rates and schedules and minimum requirement updates will be posted here on our Project Details section on the Commissions page.     The late night “infomercial” gurus sell thousands of tapes, books, and seminars to those who dream of the good life brought through investing in various things often claiming that it can all be done with no money down.  But the truth is that it takes money to make money.  In our program consumer purchases and product sales generate real commissions just like any other sales position.  The difference here is you can do this from your home or anywhere and there is no cost to you to join and there is no limit to the income you can develop for yourself and your family.

Are there any marketing restrictions or rules? 
Yes, you can only use lawful methods of marketing and no spam marketing is allowed.  You will be subject to any future rules and restrictions as they are enacted by our organization.  You will need to abide by any rules imposed on our organization by affiliates whose products we market and any governmental regulations in effect.

What we are. 
We are a free worldwide consumer organization dedicated to providing the individual consumer with the    ultimate incentive shopping platform providing access to the best of worldwide products and services.  Our marketing  associates can earn direct commissions from eligible consumer purchases.  We seek to enroll and educate  consumers from the student level through retirement to the worldwide marketplace and the innovative concept of Cost Free Economics.™ . A direct sales social organization that utilizes direct marketing contact by our marketing associates with consumers to stimulate and maintain sales growth of all  products available and a perpetual healthy  economy.  

What we are not. 
We are not your typical social network, entertainment, multi level or network marketing organization but  we are a social shopping site and Free Consumer Hedge Fund with purpose… dedicated to secure your future and the elimination of  poverty!  We do not just create discounts for our consumer members  from our worldwide affiliates but do access the consumer to any pricing and discounts offered by our  affiliate merchants and provide consumers with The Ultimate Consumer Value to Save All They Spend and more… as they earn an Effortless Income…. Imagine that!

Volunteers and other issues. 
We  would  also like  to inform  you  of  our need  for volunteer  programmers,  web designers, economists, anthropologists, philosophers, political organizers and all other online creative and administrative skilled individuals to help develop what could be 
"THE GREATEST INTERNET PROJECT OF ALL TIME"...made possible through the existence of a Free Internet and discovery of Cost Free Economics.
It is our hope to see our volunteers develop into our future project leaders as this extraordinary endeavor expands globally. Our initial primitive website which will outline the project and make it possible is fairly close to being launched but will need much development in the near future…your help will be needed. 
You are invited to learn the inner workings of this project by visiting our initial project website and provide any expertise you may have. This is a development stage startup project and you enter it at its ground floor. If what you read here intrigues you then the reality of what we will accomplish together will be exhilarating. 
You are invited to book our speakers to explain the project to your university, business or civic groups. Local organizational chapters will need to be initiated and developed so project information is easily accessible to local consumers. Proceeds from such speaking engagements will be utilized to further the project. 
This project is dedicated to all the men and women who have made the supreme sacrifice for our nation as well as those who have suffered injury in its service both Home and Abroad.
To Those That Sacrificed And Served, We Salute You!
We are developing a Disabled and Fallen Hero Sponsor Program Through our Marketing Associate Program To Help Benefit These Hero’s.

Join now! The Sooner The Better… pass the word!

· Become a Free Member , help make Save All You Spend a reality

· Sponsor 2 new members within 30 days or

· Sponsor 5 new members within six months to become certified

· Build potential lifetime effortless residual income inviting free members

· Easily expand your marketing efforts and earn unlimited income

· Help the nation off the OIL EXPRESS, make going green affordable to all

· Help Eliminate Poverty one family tree at a time with  a market solution

· Change the world and your future with everyday spending

 Unlimited Income Potential... No limits No Borders

· No membership fees, it really is free… advocate real change

· No franchise fees, you are the franchise, Consumer Capitalist

· No costly investment, this is all about normal daily spending

· No inventory, just use our site invite feature to reach anyone

· No experience required, you just spread the word

· No territorial restrictions, this in a global campaign

· Unlimited opportunity, it’s all up to you… make it happen

· Innovative Economics, teach people to Save All  They Spend!

                                                                                                         To contact us: 


Cost Free Economics™ is a patent pending process, (US60/675,894)

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As the first consumers start receiving their accumulated Life Time Spending the economic methods of the old world will fade into economic history

The reality is that as Cost Free Economics™ becomes effortlessly available to all consumers…what logical consumer will not want to…

Save All They Spend... and more™

The One Who Says It Can't Be Done... Never Stands In The Way Of The Wave Of Those Doing It

The motivated will secure their future now with enthusiasm; the rest will join later with some remorse for having waited.

Dropped into the sea of nations, in time Cost Free Economics™ like a wave will reach all consumers.

ShopCostFree... The Greatest Discovery In Economics Since The Dawn Of CommerceHelp Eliminate Poverty and Secure Your Future...

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The Gift Of Privilege™

A thoughtful legacy that changes the world…

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