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Breakthrough Wealth Accumulation

A recent shocking fact is that we Americans’ now tend to spent more than we earn!  Not since The Great Depression have we as a nation been faced with this level of serious financial deficiency.  However, now with the discovery of Cost Free  Economics™  the most important fact for everyone to recognize is that security is not about  possibly winning a Lottery with only a one in fifty million chance of being the fortunate winner. No, this is about the reality of converting a lifetime of spending into a lifetime of savings and security, forever eliminating the circumstance of a negative savings rate for the Nation.  Cost Free Economics™ takes you from... Spending More Then You Earn To...SAVING All YOU SPEND!       

Spend and save.Save Spend


 A Thoughtful Legacy  

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The means to correct these problems is now made available to every individual, rich, middle class or poor. Every individual now has the means to take full responsibility for their future generations.  The means & method to secure your future and your future generations rests with you.

Help fund the greatest
 project of all timeThe Gift of Privilege

In this world among its Nations of People  that   have waited  in vain for..


An Economic Miracle That Could Stop Poverty


The resources and genius of creating a system where the relative poor can pass a legacy of wealth and privilege has arrived and is now available to every  global COST FREE CONSUMER MEMBER. A fresh new way of passing a personal fortune beyond any of the most wildest of possible imagining’s has Now Materialized!

It is engineered so  that even  the  poorest of  poor will be enabled  to pass on The Gift of Privilege™  to their future generations, lifting them  from  poverty over time.  Without real hope the desperately, dirt poor of the world become easy converts to desperate hope.  If we do not reach out and lift them up to our world, fundamentalists will reach them and pull us all into desperate times.

Cost Free Economics™  addresses social issues that have plagued mankind since the dawn of civilization and provides a market solution to help correct them.  In time it will reduce to a negligible level the need for governmental expenditure targeting these issues.  The burden of correcting these conditions will in time, through Cost Free Economics™ be lifted from government.

Become a Free Cost Free™    Marketing Affiliate and earn an income as you develop the career of your dreams.  Check out our Employment page.



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Every individual now has the means to take full responsibility for their future generations. The means and method to secure your future and your future generations rests with you

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This is truly a thoughtful legacy that changes the world forever.   This is made possible by providing the process whereby even the poor can create and pass wealth to their coming future generations.  Just like the Kennedy’s, Rockefeller’s, Mellon’s and others pass  gifts of privilege for each new family generation. 

Eliminating Poverty

One Family Tree

at a Time


Cost Free  Economics™

is  the  only  economic process  engineered to Eliminate Poverty...

One Family Tree at a time.    

A Smarter Choice
Save All You SpendTarget Poverty...
stop poverty now!A Bill Payer Revolution... Convert Your Bills To Savings

coming soon… Our bill paying service will deliver the ultimate savings revolution that Economics Can Deliver!  

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Convert Your Bills To Savings... Imagine All Your Bills As Money Saved

15,000,000 American Homeowners  will soon have Upside Down Mortgages, owe more than value of home... Imagine The Crisis If Those Mortgages Go Bad…Then just imagine adding to homeowner equity every dollar spent on Principle & Interest through our Economics

Help Spread The Word… You Are Needed To Expand The Greatest Economic Project Of Our Time

The Concerned Citizen Makes a Difference.  Research Shows  The Typical Consumer Is The Best Trendsetter

TMThe Greatest Discovery Economics Can Ever Deliver Is Here ExclusivelyMaximum Consumer Value Can Only Be Found Here... Nothing Else Compares

A MESSAGE FROM THE FOUNDERS:  Welcome to…. “The Greatest Project Of All Time”.  We challenge anyone to deliver a better free market solution to all the crisis's we face.  We are currently establishing the global operational social site framework for the ShopCostFree Network™  and our Credit & Debit Card System. An initial membership drive to expand this patent pending consumer benefits project globally has begun.  Our goal is real  “Benefits for Consumers”…and yes the phrase describes the project completely.  We are uniquely structured to be a perpetual growth, private enterprise  focused on the financial wealth and security of the consumer and the nation.  We can fight poverty globally as we spread democracy effortlessly.

Cost Free Economics™ is best described as Real Capitalism operating at Maximum Efficiency.

Our goal is to relieve government of many social & health care burdens by providing long term financial security to the individual consumer and to help eliminate global poverty down family lines as it also benefits business & government, fueling perpetual economic growth & brings back lost jobs.

Cost Free Economics™ is a patent pending innovative economic process that is newly discovered and is now being made available to every consumer through our Social & Shopping Limitless Communities.  Secure yourself and your future generations now.  Secure The Future… by saving all you spend, it’s just common sense!  Every dollar you spend...you also save through Cost Free Economics™.  Imagine a lifetime of spending converted to a lifetime of savings.  Even Your Taxes and Bills! Your uAward Fund will grow to represent and become your largest equity asset.  If only the retirees of today, your parents and grandparents, had been able to save their lifetime of spending as family wealth. They & you would have lifetime of savings wealth to enjoy today.  That’s the reality of Cost Free Economics™; Recognize its value early  and you secure  your future as well as the future of your children and their children.  This is a real market solution to the financial crisis!

Now you really can Secure The Future… effortlessly through real Capitalism not charity.  It won’t cost you a dime but it can convert lifetime spending to savings wealth… Wealth to spend again when you will need it most…     You also perpetually stabilize the financial future of the Nation...   Imagine That! 

     Become a REAL CAPITALIST,  Ignore Your Limits…  REMEMBER, Warren Buffet proved it works!

Spread the wealth and your future generations will continue to be secured by the caring and thoughtful Gift of Privilege™ you can now effortlessly bestow on them.  All these benefits effortlessly passed to you and your loved ones as a result of your everyday buying.  Register Here Today and Spread The Word to Everyone so we can launch our ShopCostFree™ Credit & Debit Card pay system coming soon… Our target membership goal of five million free members is needed to launch so lets make it happen the sooner the better... its that simple!   Our debit/credit card system will  deliver The Ultimate Consumer Value and allow all consumers to Save All They Spend™.  We need to reach our membership goal  sooner the better!  When our membership goal is reached every dollar spent can be effortlessly secured as Lifetime Savings.  Make it happen!                          

It is  important to  note  that  our  dismal  Individual  National Savings Rate  can  literally  be  corrected  overnight  for any consumer  that  applies  Save  All You Spend  Economics  to  their spending.   The  launch of our  credit & debit  card  will automatically index all spending to savings… something each of us should do anyway but find it is impossible to do as life gets in the way…  The way to successfully make it happen is to automate the  savings process  and make it effortless and transparent to all… The secret…  Imbed savings  into  the normal  daily  spending  process...  That is exactly what we doULTIMATE  CONSUMER  VALUE  has  been  created... Nothing  Can Compare

With Cost Free Economics™ every dollar you spend you also secure for your future.  This economic process  utilizes simple and not complicated mathematical equations.  It is engineered on sound and proven financial principals.   Cost Free Economics™ was engineered to benefit the consumer while also benefiting business and government.  It is designed to perpetually stimulate economic growth while you save with every purchase.  Now everyone will be able to afford a comfortable retirement accumulated from a lifetime of savings.  The more you spend, dollar for dollar,  the more you save.  Remember, each dollar you spend and enjoy...you secure a like amount for your future.       Use our Search Portals daily 

This patent pending economic innovation has been engineered to create consumer benefits and pass them back to the consumer as part of the normal economic process.  Visit our various community sites and help them grow to serve you better.  Join in with your input for our Open Community Projects.  Submit your ideas and share your knowledge.  The future is yours to help shape.  Employment opportunities developed from open community projects will be made available to our development volunteers first.  Become an advocate today... start spreading the word now… Its Your Future To Change, promote Cost Free Economics™. 

Also, our first new innovation has been released in beta… AliasNetBust.com… We have developed a WormHole into the Internet that really Busts The Net!   FREE USER NAME SEARCH & MESSAGING  ...now in beta.  Contact anyone, anywhere, it’s all great fun.  Remember to use our search portal daily. Lets direct some of the billions generated by consumer internet search back to consumers.  Search Income from our sites will continue to expand the scope of the Project  and  help provide  Consumer Benefits to all consumers.  Please learn how to Save All You Spend, join and advocate the project to everyone…   The Project Founders

P.S. always remember... Take responsibility for your future because you will probably live long enough to wish you had.  Make converting lifetime spending to savings a reality for your family, it’s all up to you.                

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You  must be a registered member.  Send us a photo in our T-shirt or photos & videos with creative project related Save All  You  Spend  themes.   By submitting photos or videos you release us to use them to promote the project. Send your creative photo or video submissions to our mailing address:


P.O. Box 9457, Richmond VA 23228




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Our Free, No Cost Consumer Hedge Fund Is Engineered to Deliver… SAVE ALL YOU SPEND ECONOMICS    

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Even your spending on entertainment and non essentials such as concerts, movies or vacations to name just a few can be converted to lifetime savings.  Most families spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars daily. Imagine these funds converted to savings.  “This Is Your Guaranteed Winning Lottery Ticket” and here a more secure future awaits you. This lottery has already been decided and you the consumer will be the winner.   Remember, the earlier you register the better off you, your family and your nation will be.  Now, instead of spending more than we earn...we can  through Cost Free Economics™, choose to save all we spend.

The immediate  question that  leaps to mind  after reading the above headlines would be…Is This Possible and if so how?  The answer is simple...Much the same way that the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett recently funded a single $400 million dollar transaction. Yes, Warren Buffett, the  most successful investor of our time utilized  and applied the same mathematics and financial principle to structure this substantial financial transaction for his conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway Inc.  Warren Buffett himself has proven the mathematics and financial principle sound. This transaction was widely publicized.  You can read more about it in a Washington Post article by Allan Sloan dated Sunday, April 6, 2003,  titled, A Borrowing Deal Worthy of a Billionaire...Zero-Percent Interest? Warren Buffett Does Better Than That.  This article details that we average mortals would leap at a chance to borrow for no interest but Warren Buffett got paid to borrow.   The article also points out that the transaction is not only perfectly legal but also not immoral… no slimy like tax-dodging or dubious legality.  In short the math is efficient and the financial principle is secure and proved.           

It is an economic reality that innovative financial principle like what  was applied to secure  this huge Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway Inc.,  transaction can also successfully secure the individual Life Savings Future Fund of every consumer.   YES… The Economic and Financial Principals Are Proved !

Another  economic reality is that all economic wealth flows from the pockets of the consumer. The time has come to provide you, the consumer, with the benefits and retirement security that is earned and deserve...our organization will do this. Benefits for Consumers is a project whose time has come. Its mission is to establish true benefits & financial security for consumers using our patent pending financial process. (US11/413,016 )





                                 We  Will  Actually Make  Challenging  Global  Warming  Affordable To Everyone

                                 Save All You Spend and More Converting to Solar or Other Green Energy


                                    The Greatest Social Network Ever… Only Exclusively Here Can You Convert Great Fun To Wealth        

 Make Green Energy Affordable To All, Strengthen the Economy Perpetually, Save Jobs,  Help Stop Poverty, Help Eliminate The National Debt Effortlessly

  This Generation Can Be The Generation That Changes Everything.  Give The Gift of Privilege to Your Children,  Grandchildren  and  Future Generations.


                             See below how Warren Buffett proved... The Economics works… Yes it’s real & it’s proven!

  Join Free, then enjoy life daily... This Patent Pending Economic Discovery Is Engineered to Save All You Spend™ and more… Save all your bills too! 

Imagine enjoying a lifetime of spending a second time when you need it most.   That is the promise of our newly discovered economics.  By applying the innovative economics of our patent pending Cost Free Economics™ process with investment discipline we index all your normal daily spending automatically to savings for real Consumer Retirement & Financial Security.  Only Our Members  will convert  their normal  daily spending...  travel, dining, entertainment,  lodging,  rental costs and daily bills...  Dollar for Dollar™  … To Effortless Automatic Daily Savings… The only way to insure everyone SAVES…  automate the process… and we will do it best… Make Change Happen Now!


Welcome to the only site providing The Ultimate Consumer Value In Economics ... Dollar for Dollar Savings™…  THERE IS NO BETTER PROVEN WAY!

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At Stake Is Your Effortless Lifetime Savings... wait and you lose... It's your money, make it happen !We Need To Meet Our Free Membership Goal To Launch Save All You Spend Economics...Politicians talk Change For The Future... and they are right. Change That Benefits Consumers is OverdueHelp Determine The Future... Remember To Vote...  also Save All You Spend... that's Real Change you can Determine DailyText Box: What Makes It All Financially Possible?  We automatically index spending to savings through our FREE Hedge Fund with Compounding Income Streams.
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We pledge to build multiple income streams to fund your uAwards.  You keep your pledge… we will keep ours. We totally fund your uAwards account with compounding income streams.  Our HEDGE is you… we invest in products you support! Since the dawn of barter, all commerce had transaction costs.  The digital age has now made it possible to harvest transaction costs as affiliate fees. The New Age of Economics is born. We automatically harvest affiliate, search and click income that you the consumer would never see and combine these income streams in our hedge fund with our other compounding income streams to award the consumer with their lifetime of spending to spend again when they will need it most. YOU DO HAVE TO JOIN TO SPEND AGAIN… But it’s all free.   We also provide affiliate income to all our members too!  Together we will make “The  Greatest  Project  of  All  Time” a global  reality that will change global economy and transform consumer commerce... To New Age Economics!  We can do it… Within Just A Few Months! 
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Sign up all the members you wish.  You will earn  lifetime income  from  all purchases of members you sign.  All members remain lifetime sponsors of their marketing group and will receive unlimited lifetime income from all members they sponsor as they also save all they spend.

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Consumer Spending Generates

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Isn’t It Time Economics Was Upgraded To The Digital Age… Web 2.0 Economic Technology is here!



Save All You Spend™ and more… It’s Just Common Sense


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· isn’t it time to share some of those billions in consumer generated profits responsibly… with consumers, this is not socialism but real capitalism.


· meaning shouldn’t you the consumer get back a fair share… How about All You Spend and more… even the bills you pay and entertainment you spend on?


· isn’t it time for you the consumer to be rewarded with real consumer benefitsyou earned them, you are the true force behind all economics & commerce.


· Isn’t it time for you to share in the wealth you create… or do you want to just build their wealth and not yours?  You now can choose your future.


· isn’t it time to no longer be concerned about your financial security.  This Rebirth of Capitalism benefits the source of commerce, you the consumer.


                                   Shop Cost Free Economics™  is here… is now and is your future!

                              The Only Process  Engineered To  Provide For Your Secure Future As It...


                                 Fixes The  Financial Crisis  Permanently….     With almost  a  100%  National Savings Rate

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                                 Effortlessly Doubles Tax Revenues Without Raising Taxes… We Have Bailouts To Pay Off !  


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The Nation Has a Financial and Savings Crisis… We Have a Free Market Cure… Consumer Capitalism

 The 1 Simple Step To SAVE ALL YOU SPENDIMPORTANTTruly  the Greatest Advance & Discovery in Economics since The Dawn of Commerce
Maybe even the dawn of time...  Imagine The Possibilities,  change the world in just weeks! Text Box: What Makes It All Effortlessly Possible?  The “Two in Two” Signup Pledge.

You pledge to sign up just two  FREE  new members within two weeks of when you join who also  pledge  to  do  the same and  so on…  That’s All The Effort  We Need…  Everyone  pledges to signup just two FREE new members  within the first two weeks of joining.  Keep the pledge and you make “The Greatest Project of All Time” a global  reality  that  will change the world… All Free members earn  lifetime affiliate income from all members they sponsor.  Teach Consumers To Save All They Spend.    Keep The Pledge and Within Just A Few Months We Change The World… it’s up to you. 
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Member Signup Pledge...  Spread The Word... Make it happen in just weeks !  It's your money to save... Your Family's Future to Secure.Maximum Consumer Value Discovered

Gaming For a  Cause, Project Funding

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All this and a legacy that you helped Change The World

Talking About Change Is Important… but this isn’t politics!

 Make Change Happen... With Every Dollar You Spend

                                                                                                         To contact us: 


Cost Free Economics™ is a patent pending process, (US60/675,894)

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As the first consumers start receiving their accumulated Life Time Spending the economic methods of the old world will fade into economic history

The reality is that as Cost Free Economics™ becomes effortlessly available to all consumers…what logical consumer will not want to…

Save All They Spend... and more™

The One Who Says It Can't Be Done... Never Stands In The Way Of The Wave Of Those Doing It

The motivated will secure their future now with enthusiasm; the rest will join later with some remorse for having waited.

Dropped into the sea of nations, in time Cost Free Economics™ like a wave will reach all consumers.

ShopCostFree... The Greatest Discovery In Economics Since The Dawn Of CommerceHelp Eliminate Poverty and Secure Your Future...

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